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  • Far-right politician converts to Islam, quits AfD party

    A leading politician from the Alternative for Germany (AfD) has converted to Islam and resigned from his position with the anti-Muslim party, the party has confirmed. Arthur Wagner, a leading member of the far-right party in Germany's eastern German state of Brandenburg, stepped down for "personal reasons", a party spokesperson confirmed,.. More

  • Why Harry E. Heinkel became a Muslim

    My early religious training was in the Christian faith. This, however, was a matter of birth, not of choice - our early religious training is generally in the faith of our parents. Later in life, our religion is usually accepted as a matter of fact. We, however, question and examine everything except our religious faith, particularly if it is Christianity. T.. More

  • Why they found Islam irresistible?

    There is compelling anecdotal evidence of a surge in reversions to Islam since September 11, not just in Britain, but across Europe and America. One Dutch Islamic center claims a tenfold increase, while the New Muslims Project, based in Leicester and run by a former Irish Roman Catholic housewife, reports a "steady stream" of new reverts... More

  • Rosalina Panganiban's Testimony

    I'am Rosalina Panganiban (Aisha), the eldest daughter among eight children of a young couple. I hailed from a poor family, I didn't even taste the luxurious way of life, but my parents raised me with a good moral character. I finished my education in a very hard situation, and I was so lucky to get a stable job afterwards. As the eldest child, I helped.. More

  • Testimony of Ahmed Corpus, formerly Marco Corpus

    All praise is due to Allah, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon His last Messenger, Prophet Muhammad, his family, companions, and those following true guidance. This is my story why I embraced Islam. During my childhood, I was brought up in the Catholic faith particularly within the Aglipayan sect. My grandfather and aunt are faith healers... More

  • How Leopold Weiss, Austrian Statesman, Journalist, and Author, Became Muslim

    Muhammad Asad, Leopold Weiss, was born in Livow, Austria (later Poland) in 1900, and at the age of 22 made his visit to the Middle East. He later became an outstanding foreign correspondent for the Franfurtur Zeitung, and after his conversion to Islam travelled and worked throughout the Muslim world, from North Africa to as far East as Afghanistan. After.. More

  • How Rene Guenon Discovered Islam

    Rene Guenon; Sheikh Abdul Wahid Yahya was a well-known French Scholar, writer, philosopher and mystic. He was born on the 15th November, 1886 to a well off Catholic family of France. His father was an engineer of repute. So, Rene Guenon was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He got his early education from Blois. From his childhood, he was an extra-ordina.. More

  • Finding a Home in Islam

    Shaheed "Damian" Williams grew up Christian and pursued fame as a rapper before becoming a Muslim. The days of Damian Williams running with his fellow rappers, pursuing fame, women and a hip-hop image are over. The 26-year-old turned in baggy jeans for long robes around the house. He sports a curly beard and is studying Arabic with his wife.. More

  • Jewish American Converts to Islam

    Joseph Cohen moved from the United States to Israel as a devout Jew in 1998, but within three years he had converted to Islam and become Yosef Mohammed Khatib, a supporter of the militant Hamas, according to a report broadcast Thursday on Israel TV. Now he refuses to say the word Israel, choosing instead to call the area "Palestine." His.. More

  • From Yamilia to Hajar

    Hajar is the new name of Yamilia.She is a twenty-eight.A student of social studies at the University of Missouri, Columbia, she started studying Islam before two years to find out the truth which she had missed in the material life of the States. Yamilia got convinced andembraced Islam and changed her name to Hajar (The name of Abraham’s wife,.. More

  • A Jewish American Embraces Islam

    I saw her radiant face in a mosque that is located on a hill in a small American state, reciting a translation of the Noble Quran. I greeted her and she returned the greeting warmly and cheerfully; we got talking and became good friends in no time. One night, we were on the shore of a beautiful lake, where she related to me the story of her conversion.. More

  • Marriages Lead Women to Islam

    ‘Aaishah Abid Choudry - her given name is Harumi - adopted her Muslim name and faith four years ago, at the age of 26, to marry a Pakistani. Two years later, like many Japanese women married to Muslim men in Japan, she remained reluctant to abide by Islamic laws. Then one day about two years ago, she decided to act on her own intuition that Islam.. More

  • Yusuf Ntsane Motloung tells how he embraced Islam

    BrotherYusuf Ntsane Motloung entered the fold of Islam in 1989. He, as he says himself, was desperately looking for a source of information through which he could come to know more about Religion in general. Luckily, he found a booklet namely, ‘Is the Bible God’s Word’through I.P.C.I Durban. When at school, he studied Biblical Studies.. More

  • Sufyaan Gent: It was as if 'the scales fell from my eyes'

    Sufyaan Gent was born Maurice Alexander Gent. Prior to embracing Islam, he tried various Christian sects, but nothing ever seemed quite right. Whilst working as a civil servant in London, he met a Muslim lady who later became his wife. She had been brought up as a Muslim, but was not practicing her religion. Nevertheless, she had enough faith to insist.. More

  • Qur'an Wins Heart of US Professor

    Dr. Jeffrey Lang is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at the University of Kansas, one of the biggest universities in the United States. He started his religious journey on Jan 30, 1954, when he was born in a Roman Catholic family in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The first 18 years of his life were spent in Catholic schools, which left him with many.. More