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  • Gazans pledge to rebuild

    The survivors of the Israeli offensive in Gaza have slowly begun to restore a semblance of normalcy to their daily lives. Public facilities are operating once again, the streets are being cleared, tractors are at work removing piles of rubble, power lines are being fixed and electricity and water services are being restored to homes in Gaza. Government.. More

  • Israeli crimes on Palestinians before and after Hamas

    Startling-and stomach turning: where Palestinians are involved, memory and sense of proportion fail us. The Jewish conscience, justifiably, has long called upon the world's powers and upon their citizens to remain vigilant, never to forget -in the name of "the duty of memory"- the atrocities, massacres and genocides of the past. But where.. More

  • NATO genocide in Afghanistan

    Sloganeers, propagandists and politicians often use the word "genocide" in ways that the law does not permit. But rarely is the crime of genocide invoked when Western militaries murder Muslim groups. This essay argues that the internationally recognized crime of genocide applies to the intentional killings that NATO troops commit on a weekly.. More

  • "This brutality will never break our will to be free"

    By: Khalid Mish'al For 18 months my people in Gaza have been under siege, incarcerated inside the world's biggest prison, sealed off from land, air and sea, caged and starved, denied even medication for our sick. After the slow death policy came the bombardment. In this most densely populated of places, nothing has been spared Israel's warplanes, from.. More

  • "I am Israel"

    I am Israel - I came to a land without a people for a people without a land. Those people who happened to be here, had no right to be here, and my people showed them they had to leave or die, razing 480 Palestinian villages to the ground, erasing their history. I am Israel - some of my people committed massacres and later became Prime Ministers to.. More

  • Gaza: How biased media manipulates the facts

    THE media coverage of the war in Gaza by Western television companies is largely unfair and biased because of a refusal to show viewers the real images of the victims. One of the reasons for this is Israel’s decision not to allow the Western media in to Gaza. In addition to this outrageous censorship by a so-called democracy, we get the usual.. More

  • Gaza: The Massacre in Zeitoun

    IN the annals of war crimes, the name "Zeitoun" will assume its place alongside names like "My Lai," "Fallujah," "Sabra-Shatila," "Guernica," "Nanking," "Lidice," and "Wounded Knee." In the last two days, the massacre that took place in Zeitoun, a neighborhood on the southern.. More

  • Qaradawi: God will not allow you (West, US) to support injustice

    The prominent Muslim scholar Dr. Youssef al-Qaradaawi strongly criticized Israel over its unjust assault on Gaza and appealed to the United States to end its support for the Jewish state. "Our message to the aggressor Jews ... who rely on the power, money, arms of America and its veto power (at the U.N.) is that the time of God's promised justice.. More

  • West Bank despair over Gaza assault

    "It is so much more than disappointment," explains Abir, a Gazan now living in the West Bank city of Ramallah. "In my worst nightmares I never imagined that Gaza would literally be slaughtered and the West Bank would be quiet." While protests against the Israeli assaults on Gaza have surged across the world in the past week, Ramallah.. More

  • In the US, Gaza is a different war

    The images of two women on the front page of an edition of The Washington Post last week illustrates how mainstream US media has been reporting Israel's war on Gaza. On the left was a Palestinian mother who had lost five children. On the right was a nearly equally sized picture of an Israeli woman who was distressed by the fighting, according to the.. More

  • Gaza fighters await Israeli troops

    Maintaining a night vigil along the border with Israel, Hamas fighters sat within reach of a device connected to wires running underground. "What you see are little surprises, but what awaits (the Israelis) is beyond their imagination," said Abu Sakher, a Hamas battalion commander making the rounds of frontier positions held by his men awaiting.. More

  • Israel's failure to learn

    When George Bush, the US president, first entered the White House as the commander-in-chief in 2001, Palestinians were being killed in the al-Aqsa intifada. Eight years later, as Bush prepares to leave office, Israel is carrying out one of the largest massacres in its 60-year occupation of Palestine. The US, then and now, strongly backs Israel's offensive,.. More

  • Gazans: 'We are living a nightmare'

    As the death toll from Israel's aerial bombardment of the Gaza Strip continues to climb, Al Jazeera asked Gazans to describe the situation where they are and to explain how the offensive is affecting them. Majed Badra, 23, Gaza City, cartoonist and student at the Islamic Universitysaid: "Unfortunately the situation is very bad in Gaza city -.. More

  • France: Rising Islamophobia fear as mosque attack condemned

    French President Nicolas Sarkozy joined Muslim groups on Sunday in condemning attackers who set fire to a mosque in a Lyon suburb, and hundreds gathered outside the building to protest against racism and Islamophobia. The fire at the mosque in the Lyon suburb of Saint-Priest was started early on Saturday before morning prayers and caused damage to.. More

  • Mozambique fights human trafficking

    When Mozambique emerged from its grueling war of liberation in 1975, it was immediately plunged into a civil war that would last until 1992. Under such uncertain conditions, the country's leaders had little time to implement laws or ratify international conventions. This failure was partly responsible for the emergence of human trafficking gangs,.. More