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  • Youths’ Corruption and Their Problems

    There are various reasons for youth's corruption and their problems. Youths go through many rapid physical, mental and intellectual developments. Hence there is a great need for providing them with the means of self-control and curbing of their defiance as well as wise leadership that can lead them to the straight path. The corruption of youth can.. More

  • Fashion - I

    Seeking to follow fashion is a serious social problem that faces Muslim societies in the shade of their economic and social deterioration. The human soul always longs for beauty and admires it. Beauty is a bounty from Allah The Almighty who Grants it to whom He Wishes. The Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, informed us that beauty is an.. More

  • Fashion - II

    Effects of Tabarruj: There are many effects of Tabarruj: Indecency becomes widespread, desires prevail, immoral behaviors emerge, families are corrupted, divorce becomes common and the chastity of women is abused. Then, after all this, comes a complete collapse of all moral values. Hijab Is Freedom: Allah The Exalted ordained women to wear the Hijab.. More

  • Social Evils that are Destroying Muslim Communities - II

    Severing ties with kinfolk: The most important of kinfolk are one's parents, and yet we find many people dealing with them in an inappropriate manner or even severing ties with them altogether. As for those who do try to fulfil the needs of their parents, many of them do it begrudgingly, while expressing discontent or complaining that it is a burden.. More

  • Children's Names: Between Destruction and Construction

    Islam greatly cares for the Muslim child and the creation of the units of sound upbringing from which he grows and is nurtured and which contain all the factors of righteousness which help the child to be righteous and pious as Allah The Almighty ordered His slaves. Such care encompasses everything that contributes to the righteousness of the child,.. More

  • What Do Scholars Say about Intermixing? - II

    • Shaykh Ibn Baaz, may Allaah have mercy upon him, answering the advocates of permissiveness and necessity of intermixing between the sexes: In answer to the Director of San‘aa’ University, Abdul-‘Azeez Al-Muqaalih, who wrote an article in As-Siyaasah newspaper in 24/7/1404 AH, calling for intermixing between the sexes in educational.. More

  • What Do Scholars Say about Intermixing? - I

    • Imam Ash-Shaafi‘i, may Allaah have mercy upon him, said in his book Al-Umm, "I do not like women to be buried with men in a single grave as long as there is no necessity. However, if this is necessary, then the man should be in front and the woman in the back along with a separator of dust between them." Imam Ash-Shaafi‘i,.. More

  • Media and the Islamic Identity of Children - II

    1- The importance of protecting children from the media invasion and the obliteration of identity: Childhood is one of the most important stages in one’s life, because his personality and tendencies are formed during this time, in addition to physical and mental growth. Psychological and educational studies prove that this is the most critical.. More

  • Polygyny, or Multiple Girlfriends?

    This article attempts to deal with a marital problem which is connected with conduct, namely, the deviation of the husband, or infidelity. We believe that, many a time, if a man asks to marry another woman or looks at other than his wife, he is actually in real need of a second marriage. What, then, is more honorable: marrying another woman or committing.. More

  • Common Family Problems and Solutions - II

    - He rejects the suitors of his daughter The problem: ‎ A man used to reject the suitors of his daughter until she ‎became old and he is very regretful. He wants to know how he ‎should deal with this problem and whether he is sinful or not? ‎ The answer: ‎ There is no doubt that this father is sinful for rejecting the suitable.. More

  • Common Family Problems and Solutions - I

    - My husband buys drugs and takes them ‎ The problem: ‎ I am a married woman and I have four children. My problem is ‎that my husband buys drugs and takes them. He has even allocated a room in the house to these poisons and I fear that ‎he may harm my children and me when he is affected by these drugs. I ‎advised him many times.. More

  • Family Disintegration – I

    Allah has bestowed upon His slaves many bounties and favors which they cannot count. He has decreed that true Muslim communities can only be established with the existence of families that are obedient to Allah and are nurtured in accordance with His commandments. Therefore, He has provided Muslims with the elements by which the family is created,.. More

  • Social System in Islam - I

    Four categories of rights and obligations in man’s life: It is an established fact that Islam is a comprehensive way of life, a complete guidance for the whole of mankind covering all aspects of life. Islamic law (or Sharee'ah) is not confined only to civil and criminal matters, but covers every aspect of life. The moral aspect, physical, psychic,.. More

  • Quranic Illumination on the Phenomenon of Sexual Deviance

    The rally that was held in Washington in defense of sexual deviance raised an argument among people with regards to the nature of this phenomenon and its significance. I have therefore thought it proper to present the Quranic answers to the Muslim reader to some of the questions, uncertainties, and claims which the demonstrators raised regarding this.. More

  • Islam and Alcoholism - I

    In these days, countries that allow alcohol are suffering from it and the number of alcoholics is increasing rapidly. In the U.S.A., for example, the number of alcoholics has increased from four million in the 1960s to ten million in the 1970s. In Britain, the number of alcoholics has increased from half a million to one million. In some European countries,.. More