Helpful advice for Pilgrims

Helpful advice for Pilgrims
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Allah, The Most Exalted, Says (what means): “Hajj is [during] well-known months, so whoever has made Hajj obligatory upon himself therein [by entering the state of Ihraam], there is [to be for him] no sexual relations and no disobedience and no disputing during Hajj.”  [Quran 2:197] 

1- Consciousness of Allah
The best way to please Allah is to watch for Him constantly and be conscious and fearful of Him in all your actions and speech.
2- Correct ‘Aqeedah (Belief)
Every Muslim should understand that if his/her belief is not sound, the Hajj or any other act of worship is not accepted. So always try to correct your belief by asking scholars who will provide you with proofs from the Quran and Sunnah.
3- Pure intention
Almighty Allah does not accept what is not directed to Him alone. Therefore, you should always be sincere and have pure intention for Hajj.
4- Correctness of rituals
No ritual is accepted unless it is made correctly, exactly as Prophet Muhammad  sallallaahu  `alayhi  wa  sallam ( may  Allah exalt his mention ) performed it. The Prophet  sallallaahu  `alayhi  wa  sallam ( may  Allah exalt his mention ) said: “Whoever adds something new to our religion that is not part of it, it is rejected.”[Al-Bukhari]
5- Patience
The difficulty of rituals requires every pilgrim to be patient and forgiving of others.
6- Repentance
Do your best to make Hajj a chance of repentance for all your sins.  This repentance requires that you strive not to commit these sins again.
7- Mercy
Do your best to help Muslims, avoid pushing or hurting them in all of the Hajj rituals, especially in Tawaaf, Sa`y, and pebble throwing, which are extremely crowded.
 8- Cleanliness
Cleanliness is a true sign of faith.  Therefore, you should always keep your heart, body, food, drink, and everything clean.  Also ask others to keep ritual and worship places as clean as possible.
Practical tips
1- Money:
Do not worry about exchanging money.  You can do that very easily anywhere in Saudi Arabia. 
2- Small groups:
Close observation shows that people who move in large groups are prone to having either one or someone get lost, and/or missing some rituals or to perform them late which  may require a compensation either by slaughtering an animal, fasting or something else. 
3- Good company:
Be sure to choose good company during your entire journey, because they can help you avoid arguments and help you perform your Hajj correctly. 
4- To avoid getting lost:
It is recommended to arrange with your group in advance exactly where and when to meet and what to do in cases of being late, and what to do if someone gets lost. Following these procedures may help:
  • Arrange to meet in plain sight where there is a clear, colored sign or landmark.
  • Specify a range of time to meet for those who may be late for some reason, provided that this time does not affect the ritual to follow.
  • Be sure that everyone in your group is properly instructed and notified.
5- Food:
 Do not carry food from your homeland; almost everything is available there. Also, remember that your food may be taken from you at the airport.
To develop good eating habits, observe the following
 Avoid eating big meals, (a) because this is not healthy, and (b) not helpful for performing rituals.  
1.     The best foods to eat are fruits, and the best drinks are water and juice.  They are everywhere and inexpensive. 
2.     Put the remains of food in a plastic bag, and in a trash container.
6- Medication:
Carry only medication that is essential for your health.  Other common medicines can be obtained from any drugstore.  You can get free first aid care in all ritual areas.
7- Protection:
Beware of the high temperatures in all ritual areas.  Avoid being exposed to the sun for long periods of time.  Carry an umbrella and drink lots of liquid.
8- Services for the handicapped:
Fothe weak, the sick, the handicapped and elderly people, there are special services provided.  Wheel chairs and on-shoulder-litters can be rented for those who need them.  Ask the authorities for these services inside Al-Masjid Al-Haraam.  Sometimes you may find them free, but usually they are not very expensive.  Take advantage of these services if you need them.

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