A Program of Da’wah During the Hajj Season

A Program of Da’wah During the Hajj Season
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Hajj is a profitable season for Da’wah where the callers to Allah The Almighty and reformers can give Da’wah and guide people. During this season, people are not preoccupied with the worldly life and its pleasures. The scenes and rituals of Hajj have a significant effect on the hearts of all pilgrims, who realize firsthand the dire need for Islamic knowledge and guidance by scholars and callers to Allah.

All kinds of people come to the House of Allah The Almighty during Hajj, including politicians, rulers and prominent figures who may not have had access to scholars previously. When such people are guided to something, this could have a great effect later on and widespread implications.

There are also many callers from different areas around the world, who come in numbers that are sufficient enough to give the needed Da’wah during this season. The callers to Allah The Almighty should not neglect this great opportunity of giving Da’wah and they should regret their past negligence (if any) in this regard and prepare to compensate for any shortcomings during the following year.

The following are some humble suggestions to help the callers to Allah to give Da’wah during the next season.

Before the Hajj Season:

  • Urging and encouraging people in Masaajid (mosques) and through religious lectures to perform Hajj and ‘Umrah.
  • Teaching pilgrims the rites of Hajj and related tasks that they should perform before traveling.
  • Guiding pilgrims while traveling and when performing the rituals of ‘Umrah and Tawaaf Al-Qudoom (circumambulating the Ka’bah upon arrival at Makkah). There should be one or more knowledgeable callers for each journey.
  • Supervising the preparations for guiding the pilgrims in advance and making the necessary arrangements for loudspeakers, books, etc.
  • Preparing a comprehensive Da’wah program by identifying callers, organizing them and assigning them tasks and religious lectures.
  • Preparing booklets about Hajj and its rituals. Preparing other recorded materials to be distributed free among the pilgrims and directing them to the place where they can obtain such materials.

During the Hajj Season:

  • Coordinating with offices specialized in Da’wah and guidance in Makkah and Madeenah to provide Da'wah material.
  • Presenting Da’wah materials to pilgrims, such as recorded materials, booklets etc., in cooperation with the Da’wah offices.
  • Giving religious lessons and lectures in the places where pilgrims reside in Makkah and Madeenah before and after Hajj.
  • Giving Da’wah to prominent persons within your Hajj group (if any) by hosting them, allocating special meetings for them, guiding them, making them acquainted with their responsibilities towards their religion and the Muslim nation and making them attached to Da’wah as well as to the callers to Allah.
  • Representing the pilgrims and conveying their demands to the official institutions, taking care to serve them and help them to fulfill their public and private affairs, as much as possible.
  • Holding meetings for the callers in general, to encourage them to fulfill the obligation of Da’wah. This can be done by senior callers and Shaykhs.

Topics of Focus:

  • Tawheed (Islamic monotheism) and all that which contradicts it.
  • Hajj and ‘Umrah and the relevant rulings; this is time related.
  • The pillars of Islam and faith.
  • Compliance with the Prophet  sallallaahu  `alayhi  wa  sallam ( may  Allah exalt his mention ) and abandoning Bida’ (innovation) in religion.
  • Sincere repentance.
  • Paradise and Hell.
  • Da’wah (calling) to Allah The Almighty.
  • Enjoining good and forbidding evil.
  • Working for Islam as a communal responsibility.
  • Islam is the solution.
  • Reminding people of the Days of Allah.
  • Absolving oneself of injustice.
  • Reconciling between people.
  • Spending in the charitable deeds and projects.
  • The necessity of resisting invading enemies and defending the Muslims' beliefs, principles and morals.
  • The necessity of challenging the disbelievers' aggression against Muslims and their countries.

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