05 Ramadan

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5 Ramadan

- The Muslim leader Ath-Thaahir Baybars freed Antakya from the Byzantines -666 A.H

- The Caliph Al-Mu‘tasim wanted to conquer the Roman city of ‘Amooriyyah and prepared a mighty army for the task. The vanguard of the army arrived in the city on the 5th of Ramadan, and they laid a firm siege to it. The Roman emperor sent a request to Al-Mu‘tasim to make reconciliation, but he refused. Al-Mu‘tasim fought and defeated them, and conquered the city - 223 A.H.
- Shaykh ‘Abdur-Rahmaan ibn ‘Abdullaah Ash-Sha‘laan, Imaam and preacher of the Sacred Mosque died in this year. He was born in the city of Haa’il in 1326 A.H. He memorized the Quran and moved to At-Taa’if where he studied at Dar At-Tawheed which was concerned with teaching the sciences of the Sharee‘ah and Arabic language. After that, he enrolled in the faculty of Sharee‘ah in Makkah and, after graduation, he worked as judge in the Summary Court in Makkah, then, as Imaam of Masjid An-Naqaa’ in Makkah, then, in Masjid Al-Jumayzah. Later, an official statement was issued to appoint him as Imaam and preacher of the Sacred Mosque besides his work as chief judge of the Summary court in Makkah where he remained for about thirty years - 1417 A.H.


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