11 Ramadan

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11 Ramadan

- Death of Jingez Khan, the founder of the Mongol State which invaded a large area of the world - 624 A.H.

- The great Battle of Al-Buwayb took place at the time of the Commander of the Believers ‘Umar ibn Al-Khattaab, may Allah be pleased with him, after the Muslims' defeat in the Battle of Al-Jisr. The Muslim Army in this battle was under the command of Al-Muthanna ibn Haarithah, may Allah be pleased with him. Muslims fought hard in this battle, and Allah The Almighty granted them victory, which came as a revenge for their former defeat - 13 A.H.

- The death of the poet Abu ‘Abdullaah Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn ‘Ali ibn Yahya ibn Sadaqah At-Taghlabi Ad-Dimashqi. He was the poet of his time. He was known for poetry and for his poems in praise of kings and sultans. His poetry had a special sweet flavor which was confirmed by his contemporaries - 517 A.H.

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