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  • This is what our predecessors used to do…

    Muslims know the great reward of providing something for the fasting person to break the fast. The Prophet  sallallaahu  `alayhi  wa  sallam ( may  Allaah exalt his mention ) said: “He who provides for the breaking of the fast of another earns the same reward as the one who was observing the fast, without diminishing in any way the reward of the latter.” [Ahmad, At-Tirmithi,.. More

  • Pardon and Forgiveness in Ramadan

    Pardon means treating the evil doer and those who are mistaken with tolerance and forgiveness, and not punishing him or treating him in the same way he did. Pardon is one of the Attributes of Allah The Almighty and a feature of His methodology. Allah The Almighty describes Himself as "Ever Pardoning and Forgiving", "Pardons much,".. More

  • Seizing the Opportunities of Ramadan-II

    1- Revising the Quran: The month of Ramadan is a chance for those who have forgetten the portions of the Quran they had once memorized to revise them during the night and day through offering voluntary night prayers, and reciting it while reflecting on its meanings and rulings. The righteous predecessors used to pondering over the Quran and recite.. More

  • Seizing the Opportunities of Ramadan-I

    Ramadan is the chance of a lifetime for a believing slave of Allah The Almighty. There are hundreds of opportunities in this monththat can be utilized in an optimum manner so as to have the best result, such that a believer will be pleased to see in his record of deeds. Allah The Almighty Says (what means): {On a Day when their tongues, their hands.. More

  • Are You One of Them?

    The days and nights of Ramadan pass by, while the ways of investing time and efforts in them varies from one person to another. Some people hasten and compete in various kinds of good deeds. Others do not give up their sins but persist in their disobedience. We ask Allah The Almighty to guide all of us! However, there are certain Divine gifts, by.. More

  • Act on your faith

    Some of our Muslim brothers and sisters glow with excitement as they find themselves facing yet another Ramadan. Their faces are shining and there isn’t a hint of fatigue or hunger in their eves. They relentlessly come to the Masjid night after night, without a worry at all about the next day’s Fajr (dawn) alarm clock. But, then there are.. More

  • Generosity during Ramadan

    Spending charity removes sins as water extinguishes fire ... charity extinguishes the wrath of Allah… charity shades the person on the Day of Resurrection. There are many other great virtues for spending in charity, and since the month of Ramadan is the month of generosity, we will address this topic from three different perspectives: Generosity.. More

  • Ramadan: The greatest opportunity

    In the midst of the hustle and bustle of this worldly life and the severe struggle that people are going through to acquire its treasures, man still realises that he is desperately in need of a sanctuary in which he can seek refuge and under whose shade he can unwind in order to be able to refresh himself and strengthen his determination to move forward.. More

  • Ramadan: surviving hardship, finding meaning

    I am not exaggerating. For those of us for whom it is hard to remember the benefits of what we are doing during this blessed month(Ramadan), I do believe it is just the sheer power of our families and communities coming together (and going through hardship together) which keep us going. But for those of us here in the West who study and work among non-.. More

  • Remaining steadfast on obedience

    There are lessons for us all in the passage of the days and nights - and the days are moving away from us as quickly as the clouds. The people shall continue advancing until they finally end up in Paradise or Hell. Also, the rapid rate at which the days and nights are running away from us during these present times confirm the foretelling of ‘time.. More

  • The soul point of Ramadan

    For the ninth time this year, the moon goes round the Earth, wrapping it and all who dwell on it in a period of mercy, of extra closeness to Allah Almighty. The month of fasting connects terrestrial bodies to extraterrestrial bodies, material provision to spiritual sustenance, and souls to souls across humanity. But it took exposure to another kind.. More

  • Setting goals for Ramadan

    Goals are our anchors. “Goal-less” people drift aimlessly, without direction or destination in mind. The change in daily routine that Ramadan brings makes the month an opportune time to set goals for (and begin) self-improvement. The ultimate and underlying goal of every believer should be to meet Allah, pleased and well pleasing. The.. More

  • There goes Ramadan

    Ramadan leaves us faster than we expect. Here are ways to hold on to the blessings of this blessed month. I remember being very small, prancing around the family in beautiful 'Eed clothes, acting my best in front of our new video camera. In the background of that childhood video, there was an old, old “deflated balloon.” That was how my.. More

  • Make this your best Ramadan

    Things to do this Ramadan Fasting the month of Ramadan is a Divine gift of ultimate bliss, but it needs to be unwrapped and used; it is a trust, which needs to be kept with care and concern. All great things require great sacrifice and determination: if you wish to receive this gift and protect this trust, you must be determined to sacrifice and start.. More

  • Preparing soul and body for Ramadan – II

    The challenge: love and faith The secret that the practice of fasting divulges to us is that the happiness that is the ultimate desire of all human beings is the happiness of faith. It is their true north, their lost treasure, whether they know it or not—and doubtless, most do not. Allah Says what means: “…Unquestionably, by the.. More