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  • Ramadan: Balancing Spiritual Goals and Daily Responsibilities - II

    Strengthening Bonds Musaddigue Thange, 35, also hopes to bring more self-discipline and piety in his life through the fast of Ramadan. Breaking the fast with his family, while difficult at times is one of his priorities. "In my opinion, Ramadan is not only a personal spiritual endeavor but should also be an opportunity to get closer to one's.. More

  • Ramadan: Balancing Spiritual Goals and Daily Responsibilities - I

    A time for spiritual nourishment and self-introspection, Ramadan heralds a classic opportunity to draw closer to Allah The Most High and to bask in the many blessings that accompany the month. Commitments ranging from the recitation and study of the Quran to increased charity to regular Taraweeh attendance are commonly made to reap the rewards of the.. More

  • How to Avoid Slacking in Ramadan -III

    • Avoiding evil company and wasting time during Ramadan One should be especially careful in avoiding turning the nights of Ramadan into nights of entertainment and gatherings of sin, amusement, dancing, watching movies, listening to music and festivals during which excessive food is served, a little portion of which is eaten and the rest thrown.. More

  • How to Avoid Slacking in Ramadan -II

    • Teaching others if they are ignorant of certain Ramadan-related matters, and advising them if they err: Firstly, the woman’s prayer at home earns her more reward than her prayer in the mosque. The Prophet, sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam, said to Umm Hameed, may Allah be pleased with her, when she expressed her desire to pray behind him:.. More

  • How to Avoid Slacking in Ramadan -I

    Ramadan is a special time during which the Muslims are encouraged to increase their performance of good deeds and acts of worship. Here are a few suggestions to prevent your zeal from weakening during this month: • Gathering for the night prayer This is an act of worship which is not legislated other than during the nights of Ramadan; it.. More

  • Returning to Allah after Turning Away from Him: Possibility and Manner?

    Question: Assalaamu ‘Alaykum, I am a 24-year-old girl. My problem is that I am far from Allah The Almighty. I used to be observant and religious but now I have gradually begun to neglect many things. I no longer experience the sweetness of faith and the happiness of being close to Allah. I blame myself a lot, and thus, although I stand up and.. More

  • Multiplying One's Reward during Ramadan

    Question: Assalaamu ‘Alaykum, How can one double his reward during Ramadan? Thank you very much. Answer: In the Name of Allah, The Most Merciful, The Ever Merciful Dear brother, Assalaamu ‘Alaykum, I was pleased with this question, which shows a high morale and willingness to obey Allah The Almighty. Welcome to your very own website... More

  • Repenting of Backbiting without Exposing Oneself

    Question:‎‎ ‎‎In the Name of Allah, The Most Merciful, The Ever Merciful‎‎ ‎‎I do not know how to quit masturbation. I even practiced it during the month of Ramadan. Please advise.‎‎ ‎‎How can one repent of backbiting without exposing himself? ‎‎ ‎‎Answer: ‎‎In the Name of.. More

  • I Want to Repent to Allah Sincerely. What Should I Do?

    Question: I am a young Muslim who committed many sins and as we are in the month of Ramadan now, I fear that these days would go by without repenting. I usually say that I will repent then I commit sins once more. Another big problem is that I do not pray. Please advise me, as I feel sad and distressed constantly. Answer: In the Name of Allah,.. More

  • I Wish to Sincerely Repent to Allah The Almighty

    Question Assalaamu ‘Alaykum, I am a twenty-three-year-old young man and unfortunately, I have been plagued for quite some time with the habit of masturbation, knowing that it is forbidden. You may wonder how I know that this act is forbidden and that I would be held accountable before Allah for it and be punished severely, yet I still do it... More

  • How Can I Restore the Lost Sweetness of Faith?

    Question Assalaamu ‘Alaykum, I believe that I am a religiously committed Muslim girl.I try to adhere to Islamic principles and teachings. The dearest acts of worship to me are fasting, charity, Hajj and ‘Umrah, even though I have not performed Hajj or ‘Umrah yet. I have been religiously observant for about a year. Four months ago,.. More

  • ‎ ‎I Feel Lost and My Heart Is Sick. Please Help Me.‎

    Question:‎ In the Name of Allah, The Most Merciful, The Ever Merciful‎ ‎Assalaamu ‘Alaykum ‎ ‎This is the first time I am writing to you as I used to read the consultations that are posted [on your website] and hope that you would help me. A year ago, I wore Niqaab (face veil), but now I feel distracted and do not know.. More

  • Keeping Up The Good Work

    In Ramadan, people pray, fast, perform ‘Umrah (the minor pilgrimage), spend in charity, supplicate and recite the Quran, yet the question remains: have any of these good deeds been accepted? Allah The Almighty Says (what means): {…Indeed Allah only accepts from the righteous [who fear Him].}[Quran 3: 27] Fudhaalah Ibn ‘Ubayd, may.. More

  • Virtues of Qiyaam

    Qiyaam (voluntary night prayer) is one of the best acts of worship that bring one closer to Allah The Almighty. It is highly recommended at all times of the year, and even more so in the holy month of Ramadan. The texts of the Quran and Sunnah (Prophetic tradition) urge Muslims to perform it and they state its unique status and great reward from Allah.. More

  • Blessings of Qiyaam in the Nights of Ramadan - III

    Quran recited in the three Rak‘ahs (units of prayer) of Witr: 14- It is a Sunnah (Prophetic tradition) to read in the first Rak‘ah of the three: {Exalt the Name of your Lord, The Most High} [Quran 87], the second: {Say, "O disbelievers} [Quran 109], the third: {Say, "He is Allah, [who is] One}[Quran 112] and sometimes add:{Say,.. More