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 1 Ramadan - The French army reached Al-Mansoorah (in Egypt) after conquering Dumyat - 647 A.H. - The death of Avicenna (Ibn Seena), the Muslim physician and philosopher who was the first to write on medicine in the Islamic World - 428 A.H. - Al-Qarawiyyeen Mosque was built in Fes (Morocco) - 245 A.H.     
Wednesday, October 23, 2019
Safar 24, 1441
Ramadan is a month of blessing, mercy and forgiveness that only comes once a year. Every good deed we do is multiplied many times giving us abundant rewards for the good things we do. We would be foolish not to take advantage of this great opportunit...


Zakatul-Fitr Zakatul-Fitr is an obligatory charity on every Muslim at the end of the month of Ramadan. Ibn 'Umar, may Allaah be pleased with them, said: "The Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, enjoined the payment of one Saa’ (a volum...


In the Name of Allah The Most Merciful The Bestower or Mercy This is a brief account on the Fiqh (jurisprudence) of I‘tikaaf (seclusion in the mosque) which I have embarked upon with an introduction and clarification. As for the introduction...


Continuing with the benefits of mentioning Allah, the following are further benefits that the slave will harvest in this world, as well as the Hereafter, due to mentioning Him: [30] There is a hardness in the heart that cannot be melted except by me...


Whoever contemplates the conditions of the universe finds that everything in it is organized in advance and takes place gradually. This perfect organization is the result of Divine decree that makes us believe that nothing happens in this universe su...


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The Muslim Woman and the Blessed Month

What joyous moments they are when you see crowds of Muslim men and women entering mosques for praying Taraaweeh or Qiyaam (night) prayers in the blessed month of Ramadan! It is a fascinating scene that kindles the sublime meanings of faith for anyone who contemplates it causing him to taste the sweetness of faith, assurance and optimism. These young men and women come to one location, unite behind one Imam and beseech Allah to answer their supplications. It is quite impossible for any other gathering to have such a spiritual atmosphere and shining faith.

We rejoice when we see the female teacher, student, or professor go early to the mosque carrying their Mus-hafs (copies of the Quran) and spending their days in supplicating and remembering Allah and their nights in prayer, reciting the Quran and attending the sessions of remembering Allah, and all of this nurtures and increases faith. The woman spends her month asking her Lord to keep her in His protection, to shower His mercy upon her, and help her be steadfast in His religion. She also supplicates for her Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world as the bond of creed is alive in her heart.

The state of the Muslim woman in this blessed month is a sufficient reply to those who wish for this month to be a season of laziness, shopping, and wasting time in front of television shows that belittle minds and destroy jealousy for honor. She also realizes that this season comes during the time of temptations and distractions and the scarcity of supportive people in doing good. Hence, she derives support from the verses of the Quran that help her continue her journey on the path of calling to Allah with certainty and confidence in her religion. The Quran tells her about the conditions of believing men and women, so, she takes it upon herself to join this caravan of righteous people.

She knows for sure that this blessed month combines many apparent and hidden acts of worship. Consequently, she does her best to make the most of it through praying, giving in charity, maintaining kinship ties, and reciting the Quran. She also gives attention to her heart by relying upon Allah, returning to Him and imploring Him. This increases her love for Allah and her enjoyment of the month. As a result, she wishes the whole year would be Ramadan.

I advise my sisters to utilize the period after Fajr prayer to memorize the Quran and the period after Thuhr prayer to meet their neighboring sisters to study some Quranic verses and advise each other.

While we are receiving Ramadan this year, we should not forget to supplicate to Allah for our scholars who have died this year. We ask Allah, The Almighty, to make their graves gardens of Paradise, shower them with His mercy, admit them to the highest place in Paradise and gather us with them, our parents and all Muslims in Paradise.

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