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  • Our Children and the Battle of the Supermarket - I

    Every time four-year-old Khaalid goes to the supermarket with his mother, he asks for a box of candy, and his mother refuses right away. However, a few minutes later, he starts insisting on buying candy, and the mother persists in her refusal, saying to him, "No." At the mother's refusal of the child's request for the third time, Khaalid becomes.. More

  • O Parents! You Cannot Build Without a Model - II

    Dr. ‘Ali Hassoon spoke about the upbringing of Sultan Muhammad Al-Faatih saying, Since his succession to the throne of the Ottoman Empire in 855 A.H. (1451 CE), he was looking forward to the conquest of Constantinople and thinking about it. He was raised by scholars who instilled love for Islam in him and taught him how to adhere to the Quran.. More

  • O Parents! You Cannot Build Without a Model - I

    Dear educator, you cannot build without a model as your child imitates you and follows your steps literally. Hence, when we speak about building faith, we have to speak about a faith-boosting example first. Likewise, when we speak about building the child’s morals, first we have to speak about the moral role model. When we speak about sacrificing.. More

  • Responsibilities of parents

    Parents’ responsibilities for the care and upbringing of their children are mentioned in several verses of the Quran, as well as in the Hadeeth. Allah Almighty Says (what means): “O you who have believed, protect yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is people and stones…" [Quran 66:6] How do we ward off that.. More

  • Raising children in non-Muslim societies

    Raising children in an Islamic way in a non-Muslim society needs everyone’s effort with no exception, starting with the parents’ efforts, to the Mosque’s, to the community’s efforts. All of these roles are important. The stronger these roles are and the more mutually complementary to one another, the better the raising process.. More

  • Our Father Favors Our Brother Over Us - II

    Jealousy is misery and enmity: Jealousy is common in children aged 1-5 years, but this emotion and feeling may be so overwhelming to the extent that it will disturb the child’s social adjustment. In this case, jealousy is the origin of all the strange and abnormal behavior of the child, because, the jealous child can never feel safe or happy.. More

  • Our Father Favors Our Brother Over Us - I

    A child’s memoir: I was finally born after nine months in my mother’s womb; that dark and narrow place that forced me to stay in strange positions. Later, I discovered that my birth was a happy event that my family had eagerly awaited and my mother was counting the days and getting happier as her abdomen got larger. When I kicked her.. More

  • Teaching children good manners

    Just as a child should be taught ritual acts of worship, he should also be taught good habits and etiquettes until they become second nature to him. The Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, said: "The believers who have the most perfect faith are those who have the best manners." [Abu Daawood] Good manners are an acquired trait that must.. More

  • My Child's Mistakes - II

    In this article, we will complete the guidelines of behavioral change to be followed so that we can make a real change in the behavior of our children, and convince them to help us make that change. 5- Listen to him attentively. In order for the adolescent to tell you about what is in his/her mind, you have to listen to him/her well to the end. By.. More

  • My Child's Mistakes - I

    This article deals with the erroneous parental behavior patterns in reaction to children’s mistakes. The majority of parents react to these mistakes, at the time they are made, with anger and the desire to exact retribution from the child, under the pretext of discipline. This is especially true when the mistake is recurrent, and, more precisely,.. More

  • Our Children and Prayer - II

    • Accompany your child to the mosque: When your child is able to perform prayer as due, or even is able to comprehend prayer before reaching the age of distinction, you should accompany him to the mosque so as to perform congregational prayers. This makes the child’s heart attached to the greatest educational institutions in the Muslim society,.. More

  • Our Children and Prayer - I

    • “My son does not pray except because he fears me.” • “If I did not remind him of the prayer time, he would wait until its due time had passed.” • “My son only prays to silence my yells. Can you imagine that he does not even perform ablution before praying?” Dear parent, if you are among this group,.. More

  • Protecting our Children from Lying - II

    How can a mother know that her child is lying? It should be known that lying has many signs that are visible on the child which an intelligent mother could notice, and they reveal it in the same way that is imitated by the following proverb: "The (sinful) suspicious (with his behavior) is about to say (to those who doubt him), 'Take me (as I am.. More

  • Protecting our Children from Lying - I

    The doorbell rang in the house of the grandfather, and four-year-old Fahd ran to open the door. Soon, he returned running and jumping, announcing the visitor to his grandfather, "Grandpa! Shaykh Al ‘Uthaymeen is waiting for you in the salon." The grandfather smiled and asked inquiringly, "Who is it Fahd? Talk seriously." Fahd.. More

  • Relating a Story can Change a Child’s Behavior - II

    Islam realizes the natural inclination toward stories, due to their magical effect on the hearts, and thus, endorses listening to them as a method of upbringing and rectifying. [Awlaaduna Akbaaduna] Stories attract the children in their early years and gain their preference over other types of entertainment, because they leave a clear effect on their.. More