• atif aslamPakistan - Pakistan 23-3-2010

    salam,,this web site is very beautifull about islam.

  • MUNNAJAFERIndia - India 19-3-2010

    i like it

  • abadIndonesia - Indonesia 2-3-2010

    an authentic source of islam

  • Mohammad AhmadPakistan - Pakistan 26-2-2010

    This is very nice to see such a fine and authentic islamic website on net. i am loving it

  • adnan ahmadNepal - Nepal 15-2-2010

    asslam walaikum.bismillah
    islamweb site is my favorite site.this site help me to clear my so much misconception about islam.this site guide in true path of islam.may ALLAH bless this site.

  • SalmaPhilippines - Philippines 10-2-2010

    Thanks to Allah and to all the people who in one way or the other made this site possible....
    I found an Islamic site that increase my knowledge about Islam...specially the Fatawa whenever i have doubts...i go through it...it ENLIGHTHENS me...teach me to the right path...
    May this site live long.....may Allah bless you all who is behind this site....Insha Allah....

  • saad BSaudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia 13-1-2010

    Assalam alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh.
    Am very much pleased with this site for muslims.We get all what we want, Fatwa,articles,Qur`aan recitations,Islamic history,news etc...
    We really benefit from the site.
    A small problem you have to look after it is sending questions most of the time is busy,i hope something is being done to reduce the congestion...

  • LatifahGermany - Germany 9-1-2010

    Bismillah Rahaman Raheem Asalaam alykum my dear brothers and sisters am proud to have islam culture in my house regarding this web my kids enjoy as well and follow good manner of islam and listen the meaning of quran qareem may al mighty Allah reward you Jannanaty Firdausy. Jazzah Allahu Khery.

  • Saarah AkhtarUnited Kingdom - United Kingdom 31-12-2009

    Assalamu alykumm....this website is wonderful Masha Allah

  • Mohammed SalimIraq - Iraq 25-12-2009

    Al Salam Alekum

    Thanks to all of u,for this wonderful website that has all
    important services that we need as Muslims.

  • sazali ahmadMalaysia - Malaysia 22-12-2009

    the best ever met, jazakallah khairan khasira.

  • syedBangladesh - Bangladesh 19-12-2009

    assalamualikum wrahmatullah
    first of all thank you very much for providing us wonderfull web site.i pray for all of you may allah accept all your good deed.


  • HUSSEIN ABOUDKenya - Kenya 18-12-2009

    Assalamu alaikum. Islamweb.net is very educative website aspecial concerning our religion islam. I thank Allah for being among those who are benefiting from your website. Iam very encouraged the way question are being asked and the way being fatwa. May Allah bless this ummah and reward you for great job.

  • Haroon al RashidSaudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia 13-12-2009

    Al Hamdu Lillaah wa Jazaakum Ullaah khairaan for a wonderful site and your kind services ... Shukraan Jazilaa .

  • naziaIndia - India 9-12-2009

    assalmualikom i am very thankful to people who constantly work for this site and share the islamic knowledge with people all over the world. alhumdolillah i have an access to this site.especially the articles section is very intriguing.i am looking forward for more and more updates thank you

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