• MosesUganda - Uganda 11-9-2009

    Thanks for the msg of Allah that we get from this website. May Allah reward you abundantly

  • Melvina United States - United States 8-9-2009


  • Sarah HuntTanzania, United Republic of - Tanzania, United Republic of 6-9-2009

    I was raised with much reason to resent and hate Islam ,this site made me think twice and decide to make up my own mind about Islam. I now have no problem calling myself Muslim. I still have a problem with Musilms though ,but Islam definantly has grown in my eyes with the knowledge this site offers.

    Jazakum allah.

  • aliIndia - India 6-9-2009

    assalamualikom brothers and sisters .mashallah this is a beautiful site indeed very informative. i hope the process of sharing knowledge continues. jazakallhu khairan to the site people who are responsible for sharing every single bit islamic knowledge with us .

  • ummu HarunGhana - Ghana 5-9-2009

    Asallam aliakum fellow muslims.May Allah bless whoever came up with this wonderful sites.

  • Abu DanyaroNigeria - Nigeria 3-9-2009

    Assalam Alaekum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuhu
    For some months past, I have been priviledged to read articles culled from your site. Today, I consider it an honour to identify with your site and to put my name on your Guest Book.
    Thank you for a wonderful Dawah job! May Allah reward you appropriately, Amin.

    Ma Salaam

  • Shamsuddeen AssalaphyNigeria - Nigeria 22-8-2009

    Assalamualaikum.i will like to thanks Allah for coming in touch with this great site,because i grab alot interm of islamic norms values more especially your educative articles that are beyond comparable with others.regard to all contributers as well as visitors...HAPPY RAMADAN KAREEM to all brothers and sisters in islam.

  • Shamsuddeen assalaphy.Nigeria - Nigeria 22-8-2009

    Assalam alaikum brothers and sisters in islam.
    I found this site very interesting and educative as well as informative.

  • Gafitha South Africa - South Africa 17-8-2009

    Asalaam-mu-alaykoem to All the Muslims in the World :
    I would like to wish u all a Ramadhaan Mubarak and May Allah make it easy on those who are fighting for their lives. May Allah accept all the Ummahs Duahs.
    And please remember my family in ur Duahs.
    Gafitha from South Africa- Johannesburg

  • islamSaudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia 13-8-2009

    Mashah Allah , This site is really fantastic and very much informative. I really satisfied with this site. The articles published in this site are nice and suitable for all type of muslims.

    Zazaakallah Khair.

  • aaliyakhanIndia - India 23-7-2009

    Asalam u alaikum,,,
    Alhamdullilah i found ths site very much interesting..but i would like you to elaborate ur methodology of learning arabic...its very precise n tough..rest evrythng is excellant...jazakallah khair

  • shielaPhilippines - Philippines 19-7-2009

    hello ....im new on this site my friends send me this site to know more about islam and im very interested to know more , as of now im very excited to read it her on site ..thank you to my friend , ,inshallah,

  • arifaCanada - Canada 15-7-2009

    Thank u for wonderful website.

  • Pharmf35American Samoa - American Samoa 10-7-2009

    Very nice site!

  • adnan ahmadSingapore - Singapore 9-7-2009

    assalaamualaikum, peace for all muslims

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