• FairuzaGermany - Germany 12-2-2012

    Mashaallah..itz realy a gud site..may Allah guide us in d righteous path

  • KARIM Algeria - Algeria 23-1-2012


  • unknownUnited Kingdom - United Kingdom 20-1-2012

    MaashAllah its a very good site and so much to learn from, the things I never knew about, I found out from here. Jazaakallah.

  • ShamsaTanzania, United Republic of - Tanzania, United Republic of 29-12-2011

    Mashaallah very interesting site. Jazakumullah Khairan.

  • Abdul salamIndia - India 7-12-2011

    Ai hamdu lilla, What a marvolous effort. Rabbe will provide benefits for this

  • Fathima sameeraSri Lanka - Sri Lanka 3-11-2011

    Assalamualaikum.i like all the islamic msgs of this site. Jazakumullah.

  • Brother YusufKenya - Kenya 1-11-2011

    Very Educative site. Can I use your motivating articles to publish and distribute through various means in order to reach people in my country?
    I look forward for reply. May allah reward the Moderators of this site.
    Yours Bro.

  • Abu NidalSaudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia 25-10-2011

    Asalmalaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu.

    I just want to know the names of scholars who verify and give verdicts on this site.

  • NuhaAustria - Austria 25-10-2011

    Salam alaikum wa rahmatAllah wa barakatuhu,

    May Allah reward you immensly for sharing your knowledge with the world, for leading and teaching Muslims and non-Muslims via your great website.

    BarakAllah feek.

    Salam alaikum wa rahmatAllah wa barakatuhu


  • WendiyoAland Islands - Aland Islands 6-10-2011

    Nice Site!

  • alexa818Afghanistan - Afghanistan 28-8-2011

    Very nice site!

  • NAZIR USMANNigeria - Nigeria 1-8-2011

    Salam alaikum, i love my islam and the peaceful co_existence in my Nation. Let All the Nations Islamique.

  • alexe779Afghanistan - Afghanistan 27-7-2011

    Very nice site!

  • netscroAfghanistan - Afghanistan 10-7-2011

    nice page buddy, keep it up. :-D

  • MOHAMED HISBULLAHIndia - India 8-7-2011

    assalamu alaikum i am hisbullah my country india my state tamilnadu i am your friend

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