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Dear doctor
Assalamu alikum I'm writing in english becuse i don't have arabic windows in my pc but please reply in arabic
I'm 34 Years old and i'm suffering from anxiety and phobia and i think both are same it happends to me everyday it started about 4 Years ago when my heart pulse start increasing and i felt headache and pain in my chest and swetting and feel to go bathroom i went to the doctor and he told me it is anxiety after he did lot of research he gave me buspar and i take it until now since then
I feel i'm afraid from a lot of things some of these i wasn't afraid from when i became sick and when i feel affraid the symptoms happened to me like swetting and increasing in heart pulse and others so i'm affraid from flying in airplane,driving or sitting in car with someone else driving specially long drive and fast drive and i'm really affraid from the heat and the humidity which affects me a lot and affraid from visiting people and sitting in crowded place
I take now 5Mg buspar 3 Times a day
Please What things i should do for my problem
Jazak allah khaira

/ Abdullah .

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