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Vaccinations for pilgrims Medical Tips for the PilgrimPilgrim’s Medical Kit

It is necessary for pilgrims to take care of their health, especially during the Hajj season that has a lot of over crowdedness and is rife transmission of diseases. Consequently,..

Allah The Almighty made it obligatory upon His slaves to perform Hajj once in a lifetime, as He Says (what means): {And [due] to Allah from the people is a pilgrimage to the House --..

Some pilgrims prepare themselves for Hajj by taking all the necessary precautions that enable them to perform Hajj safely. On the other hand, some other pilgrims are neglectful in this..


Health tips

Since an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and for the sake of the pilgrim's health we will list some of the health problems that he may encounter and the ways of prevention – Allah Willing. Sunstroke: It is caused by prolonged exposure to the blazing heat of the sun, which makes the body lose large amounts of liquids and salts that are necessary for the body. The results include weakness of the muscles, drowsiness, complete fatigue and may lead to fainting.. More

Safety and Security ýGuidelines

Pilgrims should follow some guidelines that would help them maintain their health and avoid some of the expected health hazards during the Hajj season. Dear pilgrim, the following are the most important instructions that you should follow to preserve your safety and health: 1-   Perform the required rituals easily and moderately as Allah The Almighty never Charges a soul except with that which is within its capacity. 2-   Avoid annoying others during Tawaaf,.. More

Your diet during Hajj

Moderation in consuming food during Hajj season ‎is one of the issues to which every pilgrim should pay special attention. This issue is a principle of healthy nutrition in addition to being a Prophetic recommendation. The Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, said:“No man fills a container worse than his stomach. A few morsels that keep his back upright (i.e. adequate him for the needed energy) are sufficient for him. However, if he has to (eat more), then he.. More

Safety: A Miraculous Aspect of Hajj

The topic of Hajj safety is an inspiring and soul-stirring subject. Why would it not be when it addresses one of the great signs: The House of Allah. It is a perpetual miracle which calls people to reflect and thus find their way to the Truth and firmly believe that Muhammad, sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam, was truly sent by Allah The Almighty as a messenger. I cannot help, when talking about Hajj safety, but remember the British researcher Alistair, whom I met three years ago.. More

Medical Research on the Health of Pilgrims during Hajj

Hajj is a unique Islamic season when more than two million Muslims from all over the world gather in one place for several weeks. There is no doubt that Hajj imposes certain demands on the one who performs it. There are the hardships of travel, walking while performing religious rites, fluctuations of the weather in Makkah and Madeenah during summer, and so on. It is not surprising that many pilgrims feel tired and exhausted due to the changing conditions, which may also overburden.. More

Health tips for Hajj

We all want to go...just once. But, unfortunately, many of us are plagued with those nagging questions: the what-if and how-to of our concern. Although there are many wonderful books available on the subject that we may have studied, it always helps to have some useful tips before embarking on the trip of a lifetime. We all know that, during Hajj, pilgrims experience numerous events, meeting and mixing with a huge number of people and are constantly on the move from one place.. More

The healthy Hajj - I

Modern medicine and the road to Makkah  A Divine calling Every pilgrim, and not a few for a lifetime, dreams of a perfect Hajj—one that Allah accepts as righteous, that washes away all sin, that delivers one from that spiritual womb of the world in Makkah as pure as the moment one emerged from mother.   But mundane as it may be, good physical condition and health practices are realities that help make such dreams come true. For if one hopes to scale the lofty.. More

The healthy Hajj - II

Physical activity and ritual highlights of Hajj Kinesiology is a word I want to introduce here. It is the study of the mechanics of motion as this relates to human anatomy. That is what we want to consider as we review the routine and ritual activities, and the prevailing human and topographical conditions, involved in making Hajj.   The Succession of Rites and Good Sense Prescriptions 1.    Tawaaf (the seven circumbulations of the Ka`bah):   The.. More

The healthy Hajj – III

Medical problems   I’ve compiled a list of physical (medical) states and symptoms for you to review. Don’t worry if you don't know what everything on the list means. In most cases, if you have some-thing to take care of, you'll know it. But do try to familiarize yourself with the kinds of things that might be exposed to or come down with while your on pilgrimage. I've kept in mind your physician while compiling this list. You can show it to him or her on a consultatio.. More

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Glossary of Hajj and Umrah terms

Abtah: A place formed after flood, which is usually level and containing no pebbles or stones. The term is given to every place that becomes leveled by a water stream. It is also Al-Abtah, Al-Bat-haa... More

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