• nadiya noorUnited Arab Emirates - United Arab Emirates 6-11-2012

    alhamdulilla i got very good information

  • AzizUnited Kingdom - United Kingdom 10-10-2012

    I swear the brother that sits and sleeps on these message boards answering questions for people is just truly amazing.

    i love how every answers are put in fatwas lol

  • sakina abubakar abbaNigeria - Nigeria 6-10-2012

    Alhamdulillah for such an educative webside. Thanks for effort may Allah reward you with jannatul firdaus

  • UmmRahmaQatar - Qatar 27-8-2012

    Assalamu Alaicom..

    Islamweb.net is one of my favorite site where I always spent some time and benefit from the articles herein. May Allah all increase our knowledge and be able to practice it and propagate it, Allahumma ameen.

  • IBRAHIM ABANIKANNDANigeria - Nigeria 19-8-2012

    jazakumulahu khairan, ur website is a source of knowledge 4 Muslims, keep it up

  • Bouhedli Mohamed NassimAlgeria - Algeria 10-8-2012

    Salamalaykum , good web site

  • AsmaPhilippines - Philippines 30-7-2012

    I love this islamic website. It helps me to have more information.

    Ramadhan Kareem :)

  • Jibril 29-7-2012

    Alhamdulillah...i have been looking for a site like this for long, something to educate me islamically and socially...infact dis is my 6th hour here today

  • abuikramUnited States - United States 17-6-2012

    asalaam alaykum, this is a very resourceful website. May Allah reward you abundantly put barakah on it.

  • abdi mohamedKenya - Kenya 12-6-2012

    Salam alaykum, may the Amighty ALLAH reward the founders of this wonderful site with Jannah.

  • Muhammed - South AfricaSouth Africa - South Africa 24-4-2012

    All praise belongs to Allah, this website is very educational and entertaining at the same time. May Allah take it from strength to strength and guide us all to the straight path. Ameen

  • BOUHEDLI MOHAMED NASSIMAlgeria - Algeria 14-4-2012


  • Hussain AliUnited Kingdom - United Kingdom 9-4-2012

    WOW! Mashallah excellent website .

  • WhiTe RoSeGermany - Germany 17-3-2012

    I will learn alot here inshaallah....

  • Syed Rizwan UddinSaudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia 11-3-2012

    As-Salaam Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa-Barakatuhu,

    This is really a very good and informative site, that gives useful information based on authentic hadiths & tafsir's. I pray that you all get rewarded with the best in both worlds. Ameen.

    Jazak Allah.

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