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  • Developing the Child's Sentiments - I

    1) Teach values to your children: The Islamic Sharee‘ah (Islamic legislation) came to direct people to the most upright way, and guide them to the straight path, which conveys them to the happiness of both the World and the Hereafter. The good manners mentioned and referred to by the Quran are beyond calculation. Allah The Almighty described.. More

  • The Mind-Set of a Muslim Child

    The Missing Dimension in Educational Methods: The Sentimental Education The sentimental education pertains to the person's feelings, which form all sides of the integrated human personality. Sentiment is a word given to any sense of pleasure or pain, as well as to certain psychological states within the sphere of pleasure and pain, vis-à-vis.. More

  • A Daa'iyah, Except in One's Own Family - II

    Dear caregivers and Daa‘iyahs (callers to Islam) – male and female, Your role is no less important than that of the other. Together you bring up your child with a good upbringing -- you and not anyone else. First: The role of the father when he is a Daa‘iyah: Dear father, your role is extremely important. You are the head of the.. More

  • A Daa'iyah, Except in One's Own Family - I

    This is how he is and it is clear to everyone. From the rise of dawn to the fall of night, the Daa'iyah (caller to Islam) is out of his home, ardently fervent for his religion. He is eager to do anything to serve the religion of Allah The Almighty. He wishes he could change the world. This is his main concern. That is also the main concern of our.. More

  • Amending the wife

    The household is a huge institution which contains many sub-institutions, like the institution of upbringing, the institution of supplies and food, the institution of social relations, and the institution of entertainment. The wife heads all of these institutions. It is of no significance to try to amend the household without amending the wife, and.. More

  • Characteristics of righteous women - II

    · Tolerates harm for the sake of the religion: The wife of Qays ibn Al-Khateem, who was named Hawwaa’, converted to Islam, but he used to try to avert her from Islam and annoy her while she was prostrating by pushing her and turning her over her head. While he was at Makkah (Mecca) before Hijrah, the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa.. More

  • Characteristics of righteous women - I

    Ziyaad ibn Abeeh, the Umayyad statesman, asked those who were sitting with him, “Who leads the most blissful life?” They replied, “The Commander of the Believers does!” He said, “No. The man who leads the most blissful life is a Muslim man who is married to a Muslim woman and they have enough sustenance, and each of them.. More

  • Common Family Problems and Solutions - II

    - He rejects the suitors of his daughter The problem: ‎ A man used to reject the suitors of his daughter until she ‎became old and he is very regretful. He wants to know how he ‎should deal with this problem and whether he is sinful or not? ‎ The answer: ‎ There is no doubt that this father is sinful for rejecting the suitable.. More

  • Common Family Problems and Solutions - I

    - My husband buys drugs and takes them ‎ The problem: ‎ I am a married woman and I have four children. My problem is ‎that my husband buys drugs and takes them. He has even allocated a room in the house to these poisons and I fear that ‎he may harm my children and me when he is affected by these drugs. I ‎advised him many times.. More

  • Family Disintegration – I

    Allah has bestowed upon His slaves many bounties and favors which they cannot count. He has decreed that true Muslim communities can only be established with the existence of families that are obedient to Allah and are nurtured in accordance with His commandments. Therefore, He has provided Muslims with the elements by which the family is created,.. More

  • Social System in Islam - I

    Four categories of rights and obligations in man’s life: It is an established fact that Islam is a comprehensive way of life, a complete guidance for the whole of mankind covering all aspects of life. Islamic law (or Sharee'ah) is not confined only to civil and criminal matters, but covers every aspect of life. The moral aspect, physical, psychic,.. More

  • What does Ramadan Mean to Our Children?

    What does Ramadan mean to our children? What wonderful benefits do our children get from Ramadan? Like sponges they may only be listening to the long list of "exciting" foods we are going to cook and whom we are going to invite. Sending greeting cards and e-mail invitations. Of course on the top of the list is "What am I going to get.. More

  • Quranic Illumination on the Phenomenon of Sexual Deviance

    The rally that was held in Washington in defense of sexual deviance raised an argument among people with regards to the nature of this phenomenon and its significance. I have therefore thought it proper to present the Quranic answers to the Muslim reader to some of the questions, uncertainties, and claims which the demonstrators raised regarding this.. More

  • Restoring and maintaining intimacy in marriage

    Couples can return to the state of intimacy from conflict, if, and only if, they stop hurting each other and return to meeting each other’s emotional needs again. What is intimacy? Intimacy is closeness to each other. In an intimate state, spouses communicate smoothly, rush to do whatever it takes to make each other happy, and avoid what might.. More

  • The manners of welcoming the new-born child in Islam

    Children are a source of delight and an adornment for the world granted by Allah to their parents. They give vigor to the hearts, joy to the souls and pleasure to the eyes. They are the fruit from whom good is to be hoped for when they frequently supplicate. "My Lord, have mercy upon them as they brought me up [when I was] small." They are.. More