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  • The concept of worship -II

    Worship covers all aspects of life: Worshipping Allah does indeed necessitate using all one’s limbs in the obedience of Allah and carrying out His orders. One can worship Allah by preventing his eyes from gazing at unlawful things and using them to look at what Allah loves, like a copy of the Quran, books of knowledge etc. He can also worship.. More

  • The concept of worship -III

    In the second part of this topic the word Muhsin (a doer of good) was mentioned in one of the quoted verses of the Quran which is derived from Al-Ihsaan which is the performance of good; but what then is Al-Ihsaan (good deed) that attracts such a high position before Allah and makes the slave deserving of such a great description? The answer was provided.. More

  • The concept of worship - I

    A Muslim should go on in life remembering the purpose of his creation and the objective for which he exists in this life. Allah clarifies to us this objective saying (what means): “And I created not the jinn and humans except that they should worship Me (alone).” [Quran 51:56]. This verse plainly explains the purpose of our creation; that.. More

  • Qur'an Wins Heart of US Professor

    Dr. Jeffrey Lang is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at the University of Kansas, one of the biggest universities in the United States. He started his religious journey on Jan 30, 1954, when he was born in a Roman Catholic family in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The first 18 years of his life were spent in Catholic schools, which left him with many.. More

  • Mayor of Diamond Bar City Embraces Islam

    Former Mayor of Diamond Bar City embraces Islam in presence of a large gathering in Islamic Education Center, Los Angeles, July 31, 2002: The former Mayor and City Council member Mrs. Eileen Aziz Ansari reverted to Islam by declaring the Shahada "I bear witness that there is none worth worshipping except One God (ALLAH) and I bear witness that.. More

  • Khadija Watson's Journey of Faith

    She is an American from California. Her card gives you some clue: "Khadija Watson, ex-professor of theology." She has a BA and an MA in theology. She was an ordained, licensed minister, a Christian missionary who spent seven years preaching in the Philippines. That was six years ago. Today she is a Muslim and a teacher at Al-Hamra Islamic.. More

  • How a Former Lutheran Archbishop Embraced Islam

    **Martin John Mwaipopo*** It was December 23, 1986, two days away from Christmas, when Arch Bishop Martin John Mwaipopo, announced to his congregation that he was leaving Christianity for Islam. The congregation was paralysed with shock on hearing the news, so much so, that his administrator got up from his seat, closed the door and windows, and declared.. More

  • A French Doctor of Medicine Narrates his Adherence to Islam

    As a Doctor of Medicine, and a descendant of a French Catholic family, the very choice of my profession has given me a solid scientific culture that had prepared me very little for a mystic life. Not that I did believe in Allah, but that the dogmas and rites of Christianity in general and of Catholicism in particular never permitted me to feel His presence... More

  • Vanni: How I embraced Islam

    I'm a 29 year old guy from the Philippines. I was born and brought up in a Catholic family. Since my elementary years I almost expended my time in the church. I began as an altar server, then I became band member of the choir in my teenage time and since then I served the church as a Parish Youth Ministry and the band leader. I’ am a 3rd degree.. More

  • Clinton Sipes, from violence and racism to Islam

    This is an amazing story of a violent, drunken, racist, cross-burning Klu Klux Klan member transformed into the "servant of peace".Now let our brother, Clinton Sipes (now ‘Abdus-Salaam), tell his story: “I grew up in a dysfunctional family setting in the atmosphere of alcoholism, physical and emotional abuse that came from my.. More

  • Mum, I've decided I want to follow Allah

    Western women are turning to Islam in rapidly increasing numbers. Kay Jardine discovers why they are so keen to become Muslims. Bullying, depression, and insomnia made Kimberley McCrindle's teenage years particularly difficult. Taunts from classmates about her weight and how she looked left the 19-year-old student feeling like she didn't really fit.. More

  • From a bathing suit to hijab

    Somayyah was educated in a convent and as a teenager worked as a model and in cocktail lounges. Growing up in Ireland and Britain, she tried drugs and liquor and supported alcoholic and sometimes abusive parents. Years later the25-year old Irish woman moved to the Gulf Arab Emirate of Dubai where, through books loaned by friends, she learned about.. More

  • Response to Pope Benedict XVI -I

    On Sept 12, 2006, Pope Benedict XIV, delivered a lecture at the University of Regensburg. The lecture was in German but was later translated into English by the Vatican under the title, The Three Stages in the Program of Dehellenization. My reply is based on that translation. The main theme of the Papal speech was the relationship between faith.. More

  • Response to Pope Benedict XVI -II

    The Quranic arguments against God being a father are based on this essential attribute of Him. These arguments can be paraphrased as follows: 1. Firstly, if God is the creator of every thing He must be the creator of the person called His son. A father does not however, create his child, he begets it. One cannot be a father of someone whom He.. More

  • The Italian ambassador to Saudi Arabia reverts to Islam

    The Italian ambassadortoSaudiArabia, Torquato Cardeilli, has reverted toIslam, the Italian Embassy here announced yesterday. Cardeilli, who speaks Arabic, is the first ambassador to revert toIslam inSaudiArabia, home to Islam's holiest sites in Makkahand Madinah, according to a dawah center in Batha which handles Muslimreversions. Nouh ibn Nasser,.. More