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  • The Italian ambassador to Saudi Arabia reverts to Islam

    The Italian ambassadortoSaudiArabia, Torquato Cardeilli, has reverted toIslam, the Italian Embassy here announced yesterday. Cardeilli, who speaks Arabic, is the first ambassador to revert toIslam inSaudiArabia, home to Islam's holiest sites in Makkahand Madinah, according to a dawah center in Batha which handles Muslimreversions. Nouh ibn Nasser,.. More

  • How Cat Stevens came to Islam?

    All I have to say is all what you alreadyknow, to confirm what you already know about the message of the prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) as given by God – the religion of Truth. As humanbeings we are given a consciousness and a duty that has placed us at the top ofcreation. Man is created to be God’s deputy on earth and it is important.. More

  • How a Minister in Trinidad and Tobago entered Islam

    Madame Fatima Mik Davidson is the Minister of State for Social Development and Local Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. In an interview given by her to the renowned Arabic Magazine Minbar-al-Islam of Cairo, Madame Fatima Mik Davidson (formerly Mrs. Model Donafarnik Davidson) talked about the beginning of her encounter with Islam and.. More

  • How an American poet, critic and author embraced Islam

    The simplicity of Islam, the powerful appeal and the compelling atmosphere of its mosques, the earnestness of its faithful adherents, the confidence inspiring realization of the millions throughout the world who answer the five daily calls to prayer — these factors attracted me from the first. But after I had determined to become a follower of.. More

  • Carol: I considered Judaism but chose Islam

    For as long as I can remember, I have never been satisfied with Christianity. I could never assimilate their belief that Jesus is the “son” of God. I used to think it was a fault in me – that I was of “weak faith”. When I was a child, I used to pray to God to help me believe that Jesus was His son. I didn’t feel.. More

  • Tommy: I learned about Islam through Internet

    In the Name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful Islam is truly a beautiful and noble religion. Despite all of the bad press given to Islam and to Muslims in general, it has managed to flourish and gain followers for almost 15 centuries. Islam is, in a few short words, my life. Allah is the driving force in my life. Without Allah, I am nothing... More

  • A German lady converts to Islam

    Shortly after I was born in 1934 it became a "fashion" in Germany to quit membership of the Church—Catholic or Protestant—and become "gottglaubig" which means believing in God but actually signifies rather the contrary. In fact when I was about seven years old, an elder girl told me that there was no God at all and as.. More

  • Experience of a Canadian woman

    Many may ask why a young, Canadian-born, Caucasian woman would embrace a religion that not only supposedly oppresses women, but takes all her freedom and independence and treats her as a second class citizen. I reject such accusations and pose to them the following question. "Why is it that so many women who have been born and brought up in the.. More

  • From Kabul to the ultimate truth

    This is the story of Yvonne Ridley's journey that started in a Kabul prison and put her on a quest to discover the truth. Islam is by far the most misunderstood religion in the world today thanks to centuries of medieval-style propaganda successfully peddled by bigots and religious zealots. So I should not have been entirely surprised by the almost.. More

  • The tears of finding the truth through the Internet

    Introduction: The following story occurred on the Internet through one of the chat programs (Freetel) in January 1999. It is a real dialogue between a Christian and a Muslim. The story centers on Derek’s realization of today’s Christianity and his subsequent conversion to Islam. This Christian-Muslim dialogue has been edited for readability.. More

  • The role of reptiles in the origin of mammals

    Evolutionists claim that mammals evolved from reptiles but the anatomical and physical differences between the two are unbridgeable. Mammals are warm-blooded (they regulate and maintain their own body temperature), give birth, suckle their young and their bodies have fur or hair. Reptiles on the other hand are cold-blooded (cannot regulate body temperature.. More

  • FAQs about Women's Rights in Islam

    Q. Does a Muslim woman have the right to go outside her home? A. Muslim women are not prohibited from going out in the community, working or visiting relatives and female friends, if there is no objection from their guardian, if they are wearing the correct Islamic dress, if they behave and speak according to Islamic guidelines and if necessary, escorted.. More

  • The fossil record refutes evolution

    Contrary to evolutionists' expectations, fossil records provide proof of Creation, not evolution of species According to the theory of evolution, every living species has sprung from a predecessor. A previously-existing species turned into 'something else' with time and all species have come into being in this way. According the theory, this.. More

  • I had not gone shopping for a new religion

    After twenty-five years a writer in America, I wanted something to soften my cynicism. I was searching for new terms by which to see. The way one is raised establishes certain needs in this department. From a pluralist background, I naturally placed great stress on the matters of racism and freedom. Then, in my early twenties, I had gone to live in.. More