1391 fatwas

  • Smoking and Ablution Date: 25-3-2002

    Does our Wudu stay when we smoke? The Islamic scholar has answered 'Yes'. Please verify if it is correct. .. More

  • Doubts about Removing Urine and Prayer Date: 25-3-2002

    My problem is about doubt. I have always a doubt in every thing related to religion, for example I lose a few quantity of urine after urination. I put something to absorb this urine for about 15 minutes and I remove this absorbent thing. I do the Wudu but after this I have a doubt that I still lose urine. I'm not sure and I can't say if I find some.. More

  • Women Removing Sexual Impurity Date: 24-3-2002

    My wife needs to know how can a woman cleanup after sexual intercourse. Do women have to take a complete bath. She heard that they can wash their bodies and just touch their hair with their wet hands. .. More

  • Making Wudu without removing Hijab or touching the hair Date: 18-3-2002

    Is it ok to do Wudu without removing Hijab and without touching the hair?.. More

  • Staying at home forty days after childbirth Date: 13-3-2002

    Usually, around my area, after childbirth some women stay at home for forty days and do not go out. Is this custom Islamic or not?.. More

  • Using paper instead of water to remove impurity Date: 3-3-2002

    In most western countries they do not use water in their' toilets, instead they use papers. Is it permissible to use them? After using then is it permissible to perform prayers without using water?.. More

  • Sleeping while Sitting Does Not Nullify Ablution Date: 27-2-2002

    Does my Wudu (ablution) nullify if I sleep while sitting and listening to the Khutbah in Friday prayers or at any time? I sleep and loose my mental state in a sitting posture but does not take support of wall of the mosque. I heard it does not nullify Wudu. Is it correct? .. More

  • Discharge during Period Considered Menses Date: 20-2-2002

    I make Ghusl in the last day of menses but still some exudates appear which are dark red to black in color. Should I make Ghusl again or not? .. More

  • Cutting fingernails Date: 6-2-2002

    Is there any manner in cutting fingernails? I heard in a lecture that in cutting fingernails, we need to start in the index finger of the right hand followed by the rest of the fingers. Is there any Daleel on this?.. More

  • Removing impurities from clothing, furnishings, etc. Date: 4-2-2002

    I cannot thank you enough for your previous help to me and for your care. My question is:When I move a piece of clothes with some Najas (impurity) on it (that Najas is hardly noticeable, if I did not know that there was Najas on it, I would believe that it is clean), when I move or touch a piece of clothing with this minute amount of Najas on it, it.. More

  • Unable to Perform Ghusl after Wet Dream Date: 4-2-2002

    If a person has wet dream and due to sickness, etc. he can't take bath but he can make ablution (Wudu)? So in such a case should he make ablution or Tayammum (even having water) for prayer? 1) Can he pray, or after finishing the problem (sickness) can he make Qadha? 2) Can he be imam?3) In this condition can he recite Qur'an, or make Istighfar, or Salat.. More

  • Trimming the Beard Date: 3-2-2002

    We cannot shave our beards, but can we trim it? If yes, how short? .. More

  • Penile Emissions and Ghusl Date: 3-2-2002

    Is Ghusl (bath) Fard after these two situations? 1) I am unable to marry and I cannot fast due to certain reasons. I am a person who is easily sexually aroused and have erections very often. Many times when I have erections after sometime (when the penis is erect or relaxing after an erection) a drop or two of fluid comes out. This fluid is sticky.. More

  • Using utensils of non-Muslim Date: 2-2-2002

    I'm living right now in Canada and share the house with non-Muslim. We use the same utensils (cooking plates.. etc). Can I use them after I clean them or do have to use my own?.. More

  • Fearing harm for having a beard Date: 27-1-2002

    I'm planing to go back to my country and I heard they give a lot of trouble to people who they have their beard, especially what happened in the USA, so what should I do?.. More