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  • Studying Mathematical Sciences or Logic Date: 8-4-2021

    Ahsanallahu ilaikum. Dear Mashaikh, may I ask a question. Is discrete mathematics or boolean logic is manthiq that has been prohibited by the scholars; is it allowed to study discrete mathematics?Thank you. Jazaakumullahu khoiro. .. More

  • Asking About Misconceptions in Fatwa Forum Where All Categories of People May Be Present Date: 4-4-2021

    Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarokatuh. Dear mufti, may i ask a question. I want to ask two questions. Is it allowed to ask a suspicious argument that cause distortion (shubhat) in front of public where the layman, knowledge seeker, and mufti is there in the fatwa forum, considering that shubhat could cause doubt in some person in that forum?The.. More

  • Thinks that His Parents Became Forbidden to Each Other As His Mother Applied Balm on His Shoulders and He Felt Lust Date: 16-7-2020

    Assalam o elaikum, Shaykh please i request you to not refer to previous answers as I already have studied but my heart is not content and i am worried. We are followers of hanafi fiqh almost 10 years ago my mother was applying balm on my shoulders while I unintentionally felt lust ( it just happened suddenly and i immediately told her to stop ). I.. More

  • Can’t Understand the Fatwa whether It Means Dislikeability or Prohibition Date: 12-7-2020

    Sometimes when i hear/read a fatwa for a problem i have, i have doubt in trying to understand whether the ruling is disliked or haram. because sometimes the sentence is ambiguous. What should i do at this point?, Can i just look/ask for fatwa from another person?. .. More

  • Bathing and Touching Her 11-Year-Old Step-Son’s Private Parts Date: 8-7-2020

    Assalamu Alaikum. In regards to details mentioned in question_2759376, am I sinful for making my 11 year old son naked in front of me unintentionally and does this action lies in committing adultery? What is the punishment in Islam when one touches other’s private parts except husband and wife and also the punishment when one is naked in front of.. More

  • If One Pardons The Wrongdoer, The Liability of The Latter Is Cleared In Regard To Him But There Remains The Right of Allah Date: 28-6-2020

    Assalam O Alaikum Background: My father and my uncle (Fathers' only brother) had recently distributed inherited property (Land) between themselves. At the time of distribution, my whole family (excluding our father) has not good relationship with our uncle due to some clashes. Me and my father went to uncle for property distribution and asked to.. More

  • No Harm in Teaching the Two Girls in the Presence of Your Sister Date: 25-6-2020

    AssalamuAlaikum sheikh. I am a male person. Can I be a tutor of two girl students(non maharam) along with my own sister? So as the number of total students is 3 and the girls are in hijab together then will I be sinful for teaching them? .. More

  • Strange Questions about Misconceptions Date: 16-6-2020

    I have a few questions , I was asked by and I didn’t had answer 1.does Allah has a purpose or he purposeless ? 2.And as we write down the Quran physically so does that mean it is the physical attribute of Allah ? the word “Tawheed” created or uncreated .. More

  • Browsing Websites that Involve Paying Subscription Fees and other Sharee‘ah Violations Date: 16-6-2020

    Assalamualaikum! My question is about earning from watching videos. There is a website in our country Which pays for watching videos. Videos are also Islamic videos only. The one who want to earn money would have to purchase a package with 3000 PKR, 5000 PKR, 10,000 PKR etc and get earning higher and lower regarding to his package... More

  • Must Inform the Organization That Feeding is an Expiation Date: 9-6-2020

    Assalamualikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu, when expiating an oath by feeding the poor through a charitable organization is it obligatory to mention to the organization that this feeding of the poor is because of an oath that was broken? .. More

  • Father Deceived Her and Took Her Gold Though She Needed It Date: 8-6-2020

    Assalamuailaikum. I am a married girl n mother of 2 daughters.In marriage my parents did not gifted much to me or my husband and we dint expected but my father deceived me by taking all my gold during my delivery period n mortaging it without my permission and knowledge. And today my husband and I have some issues , when we ask him about it he never.. More

  • Turning a Woman against Her Husband to Marry Her Date: 1-6-2020

    My question is 1)if a man try to spoil the marriage of a woman, because he wants to marry her. She divorced her husband to marry the man. I heard that the marriage is invalid. Will he never marry her? Is he permanently prohibited to her? Please answer according to 4madhab .. More

  • Use of External Loudspeakers during Prayer Date: 1-6-2020

    is this allowed to read quran by using microphone which is too much loud that outside the mosque people also listening ? in my neighborhood area there are happening quran recitation in various mosque in loud . one of my friend neighborhood told me about this. .. More

  • Sincerely Intends s to Make Waqf But Has No Money Date: 11-5-2020

    Assalamu Allikum. A thing is troubling me a lot as I am not knowledgeable enough I am very confused so it will be good if you answer fast. Few months ago I was reading about waqf then I felt sad that I have nothing that I can give as waqf then another thought came to my mind that I have my phone. Then I just said something like I'm am making my mobile.. More

  • Mouse Urine Contaminated Mus-haf Date: 5-5-2020

    Asalam u alaikum I want to ask about an unfortunate incidents happened in my home. We were trying to deal with mouses in our home from long time. Many were killed in the traps we placed. But one of thr mouse went into drawer besides her bed where my mom places her "Famous surahs of Quran" to read. This mouse peed on" Punjh(5) Surahs " one night. We.. More