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  • Sincerely Intends s to Make Waqf But Has No Money Date: 11-5-2020

    Assalamu Allikum. A thing is troubling me a lot as I am not knowledgeable enough I am very confused so it will be good if you answer fast. Few months ago I was reading about waqf then I felt sad that I have nothing that I can give as waqf then another thought came to my mind that I have my phone. Then I just said something like I'm am making my mobile.. More

  • Mouse Urine Contaminated Mus-haf Date: 5-5-2020

    Asalam u alaikum I want to ask about an unfortunate incidents happened in my home. We were trying to deal with mouses in our home from long time. Many were killed in the traps we placed. But one of thr mouse went into drawer besides her bed where my mom places her "Famous surahs of Quran" to read. This mouse peed on" Punjh(5) Surahs " one night. We.. More

  • Migrating From a Non-Muslim Country to a Muslim One Date: 22-4-2020

    السلام عليكم و رحمه الله و باراكاته I pray you are well. Please advise: I am am married to an Iraqi who is on the 10 year visa program to get british citizenship. He is at the beginning of his 3rd 2.5 year visa. We have 2 children aged 5 and 2. I have wished to depart and live in his home country for many years due to fearing.. More

  • A Store Worker Did Not Make Him Pay For Coffee Date: 21-4-2020

    My father went to a small store, obtained an item, and stood in line in order to purchase it. The line was long and my father's item was small (cup of coffee), so one of the workers said to him to just leave with it (without paying), so he did that. I assume that the worker was not allowed to do such a thing. I do not feel that this is halaal, as I.. More

  • Why Did Allah Drown the People of Noah? Date: 21-4-2020

    Assalamualikum, Allah (swt) drowned the people of Noah, was the sole reason disbelief in Allah? I would also like to know the nature of these people, is there something that they used to do wicked, evil? .. More

  • Her Eemaan Is Affected because of Living in a Sinful Family Date: 20-4-2020

    Asalamu Alaikum, I am in a situation where my family is sinful. Because of their sinfulness my iman has been negatively affected. I have no other family to stay with. What should I do? .. More

  • Issue Needs More Clarifications to be Dealt With Date: 20-4-2020

    Salam alaykoum I work as a staff accountant with a company that resells computer hardware and software as well as provide IT service. One of my duties is to pay the corporate taxes. Because the company is a start up company we are trying to get everything smoothed out but some corporate taxes have been missed for some states, I’ve gotten late filing.. More

  • Wants To Supplicate Allah To Remarry Her Ex-husband Date: 9-4-2020

    My husband has divorced me for some misunderstanding between us. Now that he is non mahram to me. Can I make duaa for him to Allah so that his mind changes and he again becomes interested in marrying me? Sorry for my bad English. .. More

  • The Meaning of the Attribute 'Makr' Date: 8-4-2020

    Is Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala referred to in Quran 3:54 and Quran 8:30 as "the best of planners" or "best of deceivers"? I'm debating a christian and they say it should be translated best of deceivers not planners. Is this true? What does it mean that Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala deceives others when he is the truth? Christians argue that the God of the.. More

  • Difference between In Shaa' Allah and Ma Shaa' Allah Date: 7-4-2020

    Asalamu alaikum. What is the difference between insha' Allah and Masha' Allah and when is the appropriate time to use each one ? .. More

  • Ignore People's Comments about Your Religiosity Date: 6-4-2020

    Salam Aleykoum everyone, i hope you're doing okay, i won't be too long. I'm 17yo, I live in a Algeria, which is a Muslim country, and since my childhood, i've had some problems socially talking. My family is religious and i was raised in that way (Al-Hamdulilah), and where i live, most people say that they believe and stuff (only Allah knows the truth),.. More

  • Learning A Communal Obligation Is Itself A Communal Obligation Date: 5-4-2020

    does an act of worship that is fardh kifayah like funeral prayer, means that the knowledge about that act of worship is also fardh kifayah to learn? .. More

  • You Deserve the Full Fee Date: 2-4-2020

    Assalamu alaikum, I provide head message services to males only. My question is if I agree to provide message for 15 minutes in return for 100 buks, but the customer tells me to quit after 10 minutes then can I take the full 100 buks or should I just take the amount for 10 minutes? .. More

  • Pure Acts of Worship Do Not Require an Intention Date: 26-3-2020

    I know that having the intention of pleasing Allaah whilst doing permissible things (e.g. smiling at your brother or studying at university) turns these permissible things into acts of worship you can be rewarded for. But how about things like praying, serving parents, reading Qur’aan? Do you need to have the intention of pleasing Allaah whilst doing.. More

  • Lost His Business, House and Money Date: 25-3-2020

    Why is that when I married it's now two years back I lost almost everything I had , business, house, money, so my question is , is there a person if bad luck in Islam. But I love my wife , she's so religious, well-behaved , very patience woman. If so what can I do ? .. More