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  • Interested in Investing in Doubtful Stock Market Date: 30-10-2019

    Asslamaulikum, I am intrested in investing in indian stock market “nifty 50 sharaih@“In this stock market compines are screened based on shariah principle.I want to ask weather there is a concept in islam maxium tolerance limit for intrest in islam and concept called income purification ration which means in order to full complied with shariah.. More

  • Reason for Obligatory and Optional Zakat Date: 20-10-2019

    What is the point of giving sadaqah when one can give zakaah instead? For example, if I see a poor or needy Muslim, then why shouldn't I always give him/her money with intention of zakaah instead of sadaqah? Why do people give sadaqah instead of zakaah? Because, if i am not mistaken, we get closer to Allaah and get more reward by performing the obligatory.. More

  • Zakah Whilst Indebted Date: 4-8-2019

    I buy 1 home from realstate and it is under construction and I pay around 50% money of value. After completetion of full payment is on my name. Is that 50% money are applicable for zakaahjQuery1110009113184871700875_1558163411025? .. More

  • Zakah Due on Cash, Gold and Silver Date: 22-7-2019

    Assalamalaikum I have 64gram of 9ct 18ct and silver . And cash in bank. Do i add the value of the gold and silver to my cash and pay zakat on total Jazakallahu kheiran .. More

  • Zakat on Retirement Bonus Money Date: 9-7-2019

    Assalamualaikum, my father retired from his post 4 months? before and he received bonus amount after retirement so is zakat obligatory on him or not? my second question is can my wife give zakat to my brothers for completing education in Universities if my father has money ( retirement bonus) or not? .. More

  • Distributing Zakat-ul-Fitr Date: 9-7-2019

    As-salaam, Is it permissible for our family (5-6members) to give our all zakat Fitr to one poor person? .. More

  • Giving Charity to Orpahanage With Religious Indoctrination other than Islam Date: 18-6-2019

    Is it allowed to donate money to an orpahange run by a religion other than Islam where there is religious indoctrination? .. More

  • Zakat on Maize Date: 26-2-2019

    How to pay zakat for maize .. More

  • Spending Charity in Real Money to purify Ill-gotten E-Money Date: 16-12-2018

    Salam Alaykum, I have an account in some e-commerce where i can store balance in the form e money, the emoney balance I have was syubhat because the emoney can be purchased in the form of gift card say 10.5$ for 10$ balance which im sure it was riba transaction, Im not sure whether it was halaal or haraam because the extra 50 cent is for the seller.. More

  • Giving Zakat on Cash From His Salary Date: 16-10-2018

    Salaam ‘Alaykum.I have cash savings that reaches the nisaab (minimum amount that makes zakaah obligatory). My question is, do I need to pay the zakaah (2.5%) by using the cash from the savings or can I pay the zakaah with my spending cash or my monthly wages that I receive?Jazaakum-Allaah Khayran. .. More

  • Conditions of Paying Zakaat to Relatives Date: 8-9-2018

    Aslamu alykom warahmatulah wabarakathoIs it ok if you give Zakat to relatives like grandpa, aunt or like that?is zakat only have to be given at Ramadan or any time of the year? .. More

  • No Zakaat on Retirement Money Date: 15-8-2018

    I have been working as a Govt employee for 6 yrs. I have been paying some amount as departmental insurance fund (compulsary) which is returned on pension out or insurance cover paid to the family in case of death. Am I liable to pay zakaah on this amount deposited? .. More

  • Giving Zakaah to Poor Students Date: 2-8-2018

    Assalamu'alaykumCan Zakat be given for fees of poor student who is studying in Islamic Madrasa(studying Hifzul Qur'an, Aalimiyat course)JazakAllahukhayran .. More

  • Zakaah is Due on Savings Date: 29-7-2018

    Assalamualaikum wrwbI have 50k SAR which I have to kept to buy a land in my native country for the purpose of rent. Is this to be considered for zakat?I have seen many fatwas where people owing many houses which they have left for rent is not zakatable for capital amount except the rent which they are receiving. .. More

  • The Father Taking the Child’s Zakaah Date: 19-7-2018

    As Salaamu AlaikumQuestion about the Zakat .My uncle give zakaat money to my father.My father spent money in home for foods etc.. But I capable for paying zakaat. And I'm unmarried and live with family.Can I eat those Food which are bought by my father from zakaat money ? .. More