5637 fatwas

  • She does not have a guardian for the purpose of marriage; can one who takes care of her marry her off to himself? Date: 22-5-2023

    اسلام عليكمThere is a girl who is orphan and she does not have any relatives at all she was brought by orphanage and her origin are unknown. She was under guardianship of my friend who took care of her financially. As she is now of age, my friend intend to marry her to himself. But who will be the wali ?Also is it permissible for a guardian.. More

  • Belongs to a Rich Family and Was Proposed for Marriage by Man with Average Financial Condition Date: 21-5-2023

    My question is that there is a boy who is willing to marry me. His financial condition is average but our parents wont agree for the marriage because i belong from a rich family. Anyways he wont allow me to study in college after marriage. I feel really confused whether i should accept his proposal or no becuase i really want to study further and become.. More

  • Drunken Husband Told Her ‘I Can't Stay with You Anymore’ Date: 21-5-2023

    AssalamuaalikumI'm a wife who has 8 months son. Sometimes, I argue and fight with my husband while he is drunk. Almost every fighting time, he said I can't stay with you anymore (I divorce you). He said it in our Language, Burmese. This meaning same as Twalaq (I think so). But he doesn't understand Twalaq. I would like to know is "does really tawlaq.. More

  • Naming the Child Muhammad Arham or Muhammad Arqam Date: 21-5-2023

    I named my son MUHAMMAD ARHAM. But people are confusing me to change his name. Because arham means most mercifull, Most merciful is allah only. Should i change my son name? If incase i change my son name to MUHAMMAD ARQAM, I have to cofirm before i changed to muhammad arqam is correct or not? and then i want to know exact meaning of both names and is.. More

  • Husband Told Her ‘If You Leave House You Are Divorced’ and She Left Date: 18-5-2023

    After a fight my husband told me I am taleq if I leave the house, and I left. This would be the thirds talaq for us. Now he say he want me to let go at all my rights to legally divorce me in the court. He will only give me the custody of our 3 years old child. Isn't in my right to get the money for divorce or for child maintenance? .. More

  • Can a non-virgin girl (who had committed Zina) marry herself without the knowledge of her father? Date: 16-5-2023

    Can a non-virgin girl ( who had commited zina when she was 9 or 10 year old or maybe less than that) marry herself without the knowledge of her father? The father however had told the girl if the same guy would send the proposal he is then in agreement with her nikkah being done with him but when the nikkah agreement was done the father had no knowledge.. More

  • Is Harith a good or a bad name? Date: 9-5-2023

    Is the name Haris a good or bad name? I have read that one of Iblis names is Haris what is the truth? .. More

  • A woman's marriage without her guardian's consent Date: 8-5-2023

    If wali of girl is not agreed for marriage, what is available way to perform Nikkah other than court marriage? .. More

  • Persistent Verbal and Physical Abuse from Husband Date: 4-5-2023

    Asalamu Alaikum, in the name of Allah the most gracious, the most Merciful. 1. What is the stand of a marriage which has persistent verbal abuse and physical abuse beyond the intervention of both families. 2. The husband insist saying “Allah should punish you “with any disagreement .. More

  • Marrying a woman who wants to work in a usurious bank Date: 30-4-2023

    Salam alaikum... My bride to be just called me that she has secured a job Bank (riba). And am afraid and feeling like to cancel our wedding plans. .. More

  • The woman is supposed to reside wherever her husband resides Date: 16-4-2023

    A sister who has three sons aged 4 to 7, wants to emigrate from a non-Muslim country to a particular Muslim country to raise her children there. However, her husband cannot enter that Muslim country for legal reasons, and it is not clear when he will be able to join her or if he will even be able to follow her at all. The sister has no relatives in.. More

  • Ruling on calling a child Afna Ayamin Date: 16-4-2023

    Assalamualiakum. Recently I have blessed with a baby girl Alhamdulillah. I named her "Afna Ayamin" Is the name "Ayamin" an Islamic name or not? JazakAllah khairan. .. More

  • Can a wife refuse her husband’s request for intercourse so that she could pray? Date: 13-4-2023

    Asalam alaikoum. Is it bad that it was a call to Isha prayer, and my husband wanted to have intercourse. I told him that after we pray, it would be great to be intimate with him. However, he got upset, prayed with me, and then stayed mad about not having intercourse. When I went to try and have intercourse with him he was refusing me because I wanted.. More

  • Divorce at a moment of extreme anger Date: 13-4-2023

    My husband has said Talaq 3 times in extrem heated argument and i forced him to say the talaq 3 times when he was angery is this a valid divorce or not, or is this 1 divorce. .. More

  • Ruling on husband preventing his wife from wearing hijab Date: 11-4-2023

    Can husband deny wife wearing a hijab? I didn't wore hijab before marriage, but he let me when I asked if it's OK. He gave me conditions that I won't look like a big bag, because I startted to cover myself modestly. He don't like it. He says I'm not attractive for him, and says that all my dutys for being a wife is not there. The intimate relation is.. More