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  • His Wife Lied to Him About Her Age Prior to Marriage Date: 15-9-2022

    Asalamu AlaikumBefore my marriage my wife and my inlaws told me that the bride's age is same as of mine but after ten years of marriage i came to know that she is seven years old to me. They have deliberately concealed her real age. Please guide me what should I do as I am feeling so bad. .. More

  • Husband Apostatized Many Times: Is the Marriage Valid? Date: 15-9-2022

    if one commit kufr on 3 or more occasions is the marraige stil valid if he repent within iddah period. Also is the annulment that’s caused by kufr count as a dvorce. Please give correct view according to islamweb.. More

  • The Conditions for Valid Marriage Date: 14-9-2022

    Is the marriage valid if the man and the woman were not present at the time of the nikah? My husband and I live in the U.S, we been married for over 4 years with 2 years old son now. The day of our marriage my uncles on my father’s side went to the masjid to tie the marriage. FYI they live in Africa. Lately for some reasons I’ve been asking myself.. More

  • Does Adultery Cause Prohibition of Establishing Marriage Relationship? Date: 14-9-2022

    If the husband commits adultery with the mother-in-law, will the wife get divorced? .. More

  • Correct Hijab Date: 14-9-2022

    Assalumu Alaykum, I wanted to ask if the hijab can be tight under the chin, meaning is it ok if the fabric rests on the skin and does not flow from the face downwards. .. More

  • Some Rulings Regarding ‘Iddah and Marriage Date: 14-9-2022

    Im not sure if my iddah was finished when i remarried. My first husband divorced me 21 november. I bled 5th - 15th december (it was a midcarriage, lose of 5 week old baby). I then bled 20th dec -25 dec. Then after that i bled 10th jan - 14th. Then 7th feb - 11feb. I have bled for times in total. But im not sure if the second bleed was part of the miscarriage.. More

  • Is the Father a Dayooth if his Daughter Doesn't Wear Hijab? Date: 13-9-2022

    Is a father a dayooth if his daughter doesn't wear a hijab but he advised her to do so? .. More

  • The Ruling on Divorce during Menses Date: 13-9-2022

    As’salam O’elaikum wa’rehmatAllahi WabarakatuhuFour (4) years ago I divorced my wife for the third time and we went apart, I have two kids with her. Recently I got to know that the divorce is not valid if the women is menstruating, to my best knowledge when the last divorce was announced she was in her days. Or also a scenario if she wasn’t.. More

  • He Is an Atheist and Wants to Marry a Muslim Woman Date: 8-9-2022

    Salam,I am an atheist, who wants to marry a Muslim woman. We are doing everything halal and waiting for marriage. However, she wants me to convert to islam before getting married. I would do that and I would help her to practice her believe. And live my life according the Muslim faith. I am fasting. I don’t drink alcohol, I eat halal und pay Zakat... More

  • His Muslim Family Member Is Married to an Atheist Woman Date: 4-9-2022

    Assalamu alaykum wa rahmetullahi wa baraktuh, my family member who is a muslim has a "marriage"with an atheist woman. Last time i talked with him i asked how his wife is. Now im afraid that im a kafir because acknowledging something thats haram as halal is kufr. What should i do? .. More

  • Essentials and Items the Husband Must Provide for His Wife Date: 25-8-2022

    Does a husband need to provide his wife with food, clothing, accommodation, hygiene products, make-up and jewellery? .. More

  • No Harm in Visiting Your Daughters at Your Ex-wife’s House Date: 25-8-2022

    I have 2 daughters from.first marriage and they live with there mother. My elder daughter is 12 year old who insist me to.visit her in there home her mother is not my wife so can I visit there house . My current wife don't want me to go there house and always get angry when I.visited my children as she feel.very Insecured . Please reply as I don't want.. More

  • Was Refused Proposal Because of Having Nerve Damage and Pain in His Vertebrate Date: 25-8-2022

    Salam Alaykom wa Rahmatullahi w barakatu,I'll try to make this as short as possible. I got into a car accident 10 years ago and I shattered my vertebrae, alhamdulillah I can still walk fine, but I do take medication for nerve damage and pain. The girl I want to marry (a relative) knows about this problem and does not see an issue with it. The parents,.. More

  • A Case of a Controversial Khul’ Date: 25-8-2022

    My husband and I got into an arguement via text. We were both mad at each other and our emotions got the best of us. He kept telling me to ask him for a khula and so I did. He then sent a voicenote saying that I was released and that he accepts my khula. Him telling me to ask for it, me then asking for it, and him then accepting it was all done out.. More

  • Said to His Wife in Anger: ‘I Grant You Divorce’ Date: 23-8-2022

    My husband said in extreme anger that he is giving me talaq but when he calmed down he told me that wasn’t his intention and that he doesn’t want our marriage to break I just wanted to know if it counts because from reading other fatwa it says the wording giving is a metaphor, I would really appreciate if you could help me clear this matter.. .. More