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  • Offering Sacrifice Is Not Conditional on Performing the Rituals of Hajj Date: 22-9-2020

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahamathullahi wa barakathahu. We follow Hanafi fiqh. I understand that due to corona pandemic Hajj has been cancelled this year except for the locals. I would like to know whether we may offer animal sacrifice this year also as was done during the yester years. Allah Hafiz .. More

  • Pilgrims of Makkah Assume Ihraam From Al-Ji‘irraanah for ‘Umrah Date: 20-4-2020

    Is Jaranah a meeqat for people living outside makkah .. More

  • Wearing Fake Eyelashes and Performing ‘Umrah Date: 19-3-2020

    Do the one by one eyelashes Prevent from going to Omra. .. More

  • Didn't Perform The Farewell Tawaaf During Hajj Date: 22-12-2019

    Assalamu-alaikum, I went to Hajj this year and I missed the Tawaaful Weda. I started doing it, but I didn't finish seven circulations around the Kaaba. I did about 3or4 and then I had to leave, because our bus was waitng. Am I obliged to slaughter an animal, fast three days or what is my penalty? Jazakumullahu Khairan. .. More

  • Did not Assume Ihraam From the Meeqaat Date: 5-9-2019

    I went for Umrah, Alhamdullilah. So i went with a plane to Jeddah airport, which in between where i live and Jeddah, is a meeqat (Yalamlam) I know i had to do the intention of Umrah there, but unfortunately i was sleeping. I told my parent and sister to wake me, they claimed that they tried to wake me up, but i didn't. So what should i do now? Is.. More

  • Donating the Entire Sacrifice of ‘Eed Date: 2-9-2019

    Assalamu Alaykum. Is it ok to distribute the whole Udhya meat after cooking as beef/mutton biriyani? .. More

  • Rulings Pertaining to Tamattu' Hajj Date: 9-7-2019

    During haj i visited taif from mecca and when again i return to mecca , the ehram requird back or not? .. More

  • Leaving Mina After Sunset Due to Traffic Date: 9-7-2019

    On 12 in meena i proceed to go to mecca before sun set, but due to jam intraffic i can not go out from meena before sun set. Please give advise. .. More

  • Stole Wealth from Previous Employer and Wants to Go for Hajj Date: 10-12-2018

    Asslam ole kum rob, in my early days of earning I was cheated a lot to my employer (like I used forged pertrol bills, steal equipment’s etc) after I left the job for better opportunity, I realised that what I have done is a sin. I stopped that act and I never did to my next employer. I was always asking allaha to forgive my sin. Later after some years.. More

  • Wants to Perform Hajj on His Three-Month Deceased Infant Brother Date: 8-10-2018

    Salaam MualykumHajj a badal for deceased infant brother 3 month old ok or no need .69326 .. More

  • The Wisdom Behind Sacrifice of Eid Al-Adh-ha and Aqeeqah Date: 14-5-2018

    السلاك عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاتهA Christian is asking how does sacrificing an animal at Eid-Adha get one closer to Allah?He is also asking for the reason for aqeeqah, why is it done? Is it similar to the Jewish Passover?Please reply very soon .. More

  • Hair Falling from a Person in a State of Ihram Date: 14-2-2018

    Asslamualaikum,Im state of ihram i broght food for eating and they also gave me some salad having some pieces of onions. I do not remeber if i ate them but i touched them gently and removed them from bag. Is this can cause some expiation to be paid?Also doing masah and cleaning nose during wudu 2-3 hair fall, i did not pluked them but they auyomatically.. More

  • Dying before performing Hajj Date: 3-1-2018

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh, Shaykhs. If a Muslim woman does not find any Muslim in her family or relatives whom she can ask to perform Hajj with and she dies before performing it, what should she do? She is asking because she thinks that maybe she was able to perform Hajj financially and physically during her lifetime, but she.. More

  • Whether pebbles thrown in accepted Hajj are lifted to heaven Date: 3-1-2018

    Assalaamu alaykum. I recently heard in a lecture that one of the signs of an accepted Hajj is that the stones which you throw at the Jamaraat (pillars) are lifted and taken by Allah, meaning that they disappear. Of course, there is no way for us to find out, but I have not been able to find any hadith on it yet. The purpose for asking is to teach my.. More

  • ‘Umrah not necessarily invalidated by a bad deed Date: 3-1-2018

    Assalaamu alaykum. For some years now, a feeling of religious guilt has been blocking my mind. Before starting the story, I have two cousins, whom I will name A and B. When I was studying in grade six, a gang of boys of about six, including those two cousins, used to buy and watch porn cd`s. And when this came to my knowledge, cousin B told me that.. More