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  • Ruling on putting hands inside socks to ensure feet are dry after taking ablution and wearing the socks

    Hello, I have this issue and I really need an answer. I do wudu with socks and I make sure to dry my feet after doing wudu and wearing the socks. But sometimes I still feel wetness. So is it permissible if I put my hands in my socks to make sure my feet is dry without taking off the socks? Specially if my ablution broke? Or would it invalidate my whole.. More

  • Wiping on a Bandage: Conditions and Restrictions

    Assalam aleykum, If I have some issues with a sprained ankle/finger, can I use tape and do wudoo over it? even though it the tape is removable I would have to remove it for every salah and it takes time. Jazakumullahukhayran .. More

  • Alcohol is not confined to only liquid drink

    It is no doubt that weed and alcohol are haram, but drinking Alcohol means one’s prayers won’t be accepted for forty days. Does the ruling apply to weed as well? I read your other fatwa regarding it, and it says it does, but in the Hadith it is stated that whoever DRINKS khamr, their prayer won’t be accepted for forty days. This sounds like it.. More

  • Is yellow and brown discharge part of menses?

    Asalamu alaykom. In the past, I used to not really pay much attention to praying especially when it was nearing the time of my period. I used to like class any type of discharge as “period” and never really prayed those. What should i do? I used to not always pray on time either. I was ignorant of many rulings/ didn’t care about them. Is it obligatory.. More

  • Cases when ghusl is not required

    Asslamuailkum,I have pgad. It is a medical condition where a person has an or multiple orgasm(involuntary). However, I don't experience any discharge. Is ghusl wajib? Sometimes it is after every few minutes. And other times it is just once a day or twice. (no I don't look or see or do anything that is haram)Secondly, What should a female do if she is.. More

  • How to perform Ghusl

    Salam, I am a 25 year old Muslim and I have been wanting to know on how to perform Ghusl. Is it possible to A) just take a shower only with the intention that its for ghusl and that I am cleansing myself from major and minor impurities for the sake of Allah or B) take a full shower and then do the sunnah steps after the shower.Shukran for the time to.. More

  • Has Bleeding Discharge after Intercourse and Does Not Know If It Is Menses

    Salam, as a newlymarried i have bled after intercourse on my first 2 occasions which essentially began my menses. The third occasion I bled again during intercourse and i am due my menses. Do I still need to do ghusl as I think this could be my period? There was penetration but no orgasm. .. More

  • Is vaginal discharge impure?

    Is continuous virginal discharge due to infection Impure ? .. More

  • She Can’t Find a Place to Perform Ablution in College as Bathrooms Are Unisex

    Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah, I go to a college in a non muslim country where the washrooms are unisex meaning boys and girls (who are non-muslim) use the same washroom. i cannot make wudu in their because while doing wudu I obviously have to wash my awrah e.g. arms etc. and we all know women can't show their awrah to non-muslim women and non-mahram.. More

  • Can Tayammum be performed by using manufactured sand?

    can we perform Tayammum using Manufactured sand (used commonly in construction industry in India) ? Manufactured sand is produced from hard granite stone by crushing. The crushed sand is of cubical shape with grounded edges, washed and graded to as a construction material .. More

  • Rulings related to purity and Ghusl after menses

    Can we fast if we have not performed ghusal after periods or if you have performed ghusal but observe brownish discharge .. can I repeat ghusal before prayer and complete my fast. .. More

  • Performing ablution with cream on one’s skin

    I’m having difficulty making wudhu and ghusl because of the obligation to rub if has applied creams. Is it obligatory to rub the skin if one has used shampoo/soaps? Would it still be obligatory if one uses water solluble moisturizers, or washes off the moisturizer with water before making wudhu? If you could, please give me practical steps to follow.. More

  • Does onset of menses during prayer time necessitate making it up?

    I oversleep fajr, woke up prayed it. Then went back to sleep. Woke up again and it was dhuhr time. I (MAY!) have gone to the bathroom to pee then spending more time before praying dhuhr prayer. Then towards the end of asr prayer I was about to pray but saw my menses.Now i don’t know when exactly the menses started. It could have started all the way.. More

  • Ruling on mocking the beard

    Assalamo alaikum,I heard ages before that the one who makes fun of beard, is expelled from islam or given any other grave penalty. Is this true? .. More

  • A question regarding the purity of clothes

    Aslaamu alaikum. My question is regarding the purity of clothes from the liquid feces( diarrhoea) . I was ill and suffering from fever and had diarrhoea.its winter here so as such I was wearing three lowers. I felt some liquid feces drop came out of my body so as such I went to washroom after few minutes to check it. I found a drop of it on the first.. More