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  • Reverts to Islam in order to marry Date: 1-7-2001

    What is the ruling for a person who reverts for the sake of marriage but whole-heartedly accepts Islam and is practicing Islam (i.e. prayers, fasting, Zakah) and making every effort to learn Islam and read and understand the Qur'an?.. More

  • A newly converted Muslim woman in London searches for a Wali Date: 15-3-2001

    I am a newly converted Muslim, Al-hamdu lillah, living in the United Kingdom. In the summer, I am hoping to get married in London, Insha' Allah and I would like to know of organizations near to London that can act as my Wali for the marriage, Insha' Allah. Can help me with this?.. More

  • Non-Muslim wife asked to become Muslim but need not pray, wear hijab or fast Ramadan Date: 16-1-2001

    I am Christian, married to a Muslim. We have a baby of 3 months. My husband has asked me for several years to convert to Islam (Al Shahada). He swears that he will never ask me to wear a scarf, to pray, to make Ramadan (because I am not willing to do these things). Is that logical? .. More

  • Changing name to Muslim name Date: 3-4-2000

    I converted to Islam from Christianity and up to now I have been reluctant to change my name to a Muslim one. Is it neccesary according to Islamic doctrine? .. More

  • Can white Christian become Muslim? Date: 4-8-1999

    I am interested in becoming Muslim. I have researched and learned, and I truly think Islam is right for me. But I was raised Christian, and I am white (Irish actually). I have never seen any person that looks like me in Islam. Is this allowed? What should I do now? .. More