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  • Purification for a nocturnal emission shortening and combining prayers Date: 30-3-2002

    If a person as a traveller stays in his relatives' home and if nocturnal emission (during sleep) occurs does it become obligatory for him to take bath before Salat al Fajr? Is there any condition which allows one the concession like an ill person who is not obliged to take bath. I watched Khutba of Hajj on TV. I saw Khatib leading congregational prayer.. More

  • Unable to Perform Ghusl after Wet Dream Date: 4-2-2002

    If a person has wet dream and due to sickness, etc. he can't take bath but he can make ablution (Wudu)? So in such a case should he make ablution or Tayammum (even having water) for prayer? 1) Can he pray, or after finishing the problem (sickness) can he make Qadha? 2) Can he be imam?3) In this condition can he recite Qur'an, or make Istighfar, or Salat.. More

  • Wet dreams in his aunt's home Date: 23-12-2000

    I live in my aunt's home. Somtimes I have a wet dream and I can not bath before the prayer of al-Fajr due to the embarassed situation I find my self in. What can I do in this situation. Is it possible to postpone the prayer or make Tayamum? .. More

  • Frequent wet dreams Date: 27-11-2000

    I have frequent nightfalls due to whichI am unable to perform my fajr prayer during winters because I catch cold very easily and after the nightfallI am very tired. It is no problem during summer as taking bath is no problem at that time. So is there any wayI can perform my fajr prayer without going through these difficulties. Ihave 13 to 14 times per.. More

  • Performing Ablution with a Burned Arm Date: 16-11-2000

    I burned my whole arm. How should I wash it for the prayer since water is not good for burn? .. More

  • Was Hurt In His Wrist and Performed Tayammum Instead of Ablution Date: 22-9-2000

    My situation: I hurt my wrist and was at the hospital all night and I missed Isha -1 (prayer) When I got home, I was in so much pain and made tayammum (dry ablution once then I prayed Isha and Fajr. I later realised that I was able to make Wudu as normal (with water) but did not realise that at the time. And I only made dry ablution once for two obligatory.. More

  • Making Tayamum rather Than Using Water Due to Time Date: 15-10-1999

    Ablution: sometimes there is water but there is no time to use it or it's difficult to use it; for example, in work or at the university. So can I perform Tayamum? .. More