334 fatwas

  • Praying behind Hanafees Date: 14-5-2001

    I am staying in Bombay, India and there are many almost 95% Hanafee sect followers. I was also Hanafee but Allah gave guidance and I was converted to Salafee/Ahle Hadith just 1 1/2 years ago. My question is can I pray Salah behind Hanafee Aalim (scholars)? Will my Salah be accepted? Some of the Salafee Ulama says it is OK, but some strictly says NO... More

  • Praying behind an Imam who wears Tamimah Date: 9-5-2001

    Can one offer Salah behind an Imam wearing Tameemah (Qur'anic verses wrapped in a piece of cloth on the top of the arm)? I told the Imam and also gave the book stating that Tameemah is SHIRK as per Hadith of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi wa sallam written in musnad Ahmed, but he is saying that some Ulama's allow it. They say that intention should.. More

  • Women in prayer aligning themselves the same as the men Date: 11-4-2001

    My question is when women pray together should they put their shoulders and feet besides each others as men do because the Hadith directed to men didn't mention women? What is the right position?.. More

  • Men and women praying together and making Tawaf during Hajj Date: 25-3-2001

    1) Are men and women allowed to pray together during Hajj season? I thought that Men and Women are allowed to perform Tawaf around the Kaba together? 2) Is it true that men cannot pray behind a woman. .. More

  • Retired Imam does not accept Qur'anic recitation of current Imam Date: 22-3-2001

    One Imam in my place retired because of sickness. Since his retirement he does not want go to the near-by mosque to perform daily prayers because he claims that the person who leads prayer does not recite Al Fatiha properly. The real Imam leads the Friday prayer. The retired Imam after performing the daily prayer in that mosque will repeat the prayer.. More

  • Praying behind Imam of doubtful Aqeedah Date: 1-3-2001

    The Jamaat Tableegh is very active at the mosque near my house in Bombay. However, their book, fazail-e-amal, contains several stories of saints and sufi's claiming that they are able to see Allah, that the Prophet (saw) comes to them in their dreams and feeds them when they are hungry or thirsty or that his (saw) hand emerges from his grave in Madina.. More

  • Following the Imam Date: 25-2-2001

    I am from Karachi Pakistan where almost all people are either Hanafees or barailwees (worshippers at graves). I perform prayer following the Sunnah (of the Prophet) and as the "Ahle Hadith" or "the people of Saudia" pray. People here say that it is Sunnah to do as the Imam does. Is this correct? Also, sometimes after the Imam completes al-Fatiha,.. More

  • Woman leading women in prayer Date: 11-2-2001

    Is a woman allowed to lead women in congregational prayer?If so is she allowed to recite loudly in prayers fajr, maghrib and isha?Is a women allowed to say Aameen loud if she prays behind men? Is a woman allowed to say Aamen if she prays with women only?Where I stay we have only one Musalla and women go there on Fridays to pray salatul jummah but we.. More

  • Man praying with alien woman in presence of unmarriage woman Date: 23-1-2001

    Can a man pray in congregation with an alien woman in a house in the presence of a unmarriageable woman who is not praying due to her menses?.. More

  • Being excused from Fajr prayer Date: 15-1-2001

    Can you give me some examples of situations where a man is excused from attending the mosque for Fajr prayer? What distance is too far? What constitutes too much hardship? Is there any difference between the obligation on men to attend the mosque for the other 4 prayers?.. More

  • Praying at Home Date: 11-1-2001

    I am 10 minutes away from the Mosque and I used to pray in my home since I am busy. I know that it is 27 times better to pray at Mosque but is it a sin (HARAM) to pray in my home? .. More

  • Praying behind an Imam who shaves his beard Date: 2-1-2001

    Is it permissible to pray behind a Imam who has the ability to grow a beard but shaves it? Because it is reported in Sahih al-Bukhari that the Prophet (SAW) said: Cut the moustache and leave the beard alone; be different from the Mushrikeen. And in Sahih Muslim it is narrated by Abu Hurayrah (raa) that the Prophet (SAW) said:Trim the moustache and let.. More

  • An Imam who is unwanted Date: 2-1-2001

    What is the ruling of Islam in the case of someone assuming the role of Imam though he is not qualified and the Muslims do not want him to lead the prayer (they hate his Imamaha)?.. More

  • Praying in the street if no mosque available Date: 18-12-2000

    I live in Canada and I cannot easily go to the mosque for prayer. Can I pray in the street when the prayer is called?.. More

  • Performing Obligatory Prayers at Home Date: 24-8-2000

    Can Congregation Prayer at Home Be Offered Without Azaan? .. More