163 fatwas

  • Holding a barbeque party to raise funds for a mosque Date: 29-6-2009

    Assalamou alaykoum,what's the ruling of organizing "barbecue" to raise money for a mosque?.. More

  • Holding a Nasheed recital in a mosque Date: 9-6-2009

    what is the status of nasheed in islam. can a nasheed program be arranged at mosque without any music.. More

  • Innovators preventing some Muslims from entering their mosque Date: 20-4-2009

    Asalamualaikum! I am a convert muslim from India, tamilnadu. here in our place i see a board in mosque, written as those who does not wear a cap, placing hands over the chest and whoever do not follow any of four madhabs is not to be allowed inside the mosque. is this how it was during prophet(puh). are they correct in their messages. can i pray behind.. More

  • Using the word 'mosque' for Masjid Date: 11-3-2009

    assalamualaikum if i write word of mosque replacement of word masjid are its sin coz so many people said that ,,Please try not to use the word "Mosque" for "Masjid" as it is derived from Mosquito by jews plz tell me what to do jazakallah khiar.. More

  • Receiving money from non-Muslims to maintain a mosque Date: 11-1-2009

    In the Name of God, Most Merciful, Most Gracious. May Peace and God's Mercy be upon you. Dear scholars of Islam. We are muslims living in the West, in Norway, but unfortunately, we're facing problems regarding the maintanence and funding of our local mosque. The rulers of the mosque has decided to take in money for paying down the mosque's debt from.. More

  • Organizing `Eed celebrations in the mosque Date: 29-12-2008

    assalamo alaikom I live in England, We are going to celebrate the party of eid-aladha in 3 weeks and the imam of our mosque doesn't want to do it in the mosque, and the reason that he is giving us is because the mosque is a holy place and it will loose it's respect if we do such thing inside it.He prefers to hire other places to celebrate the joy of.. More

  • Monopolying a mosque by a minority ethnic group Date: 22-12-2008

    Dear scholars, praise is for Allah the almighty, my question is about the masjid and particularly the constitution of the masjid / name of the masjid / focus of the masjid. The masjid closest to where I live is owned and operated by a body called 'Xxxxxx Religious Foundation', where Xxxxxx is the name of a nationality, e.g., Iranian, Turkish, Lebanese,.. More

  • Entering the mosque while in a state of sexual impurity Date: 2-12-2008

    Please help me to know that if a person knowingly or unknowingly enters the masjid for prayer having after night fall (Sperm) and without bathing (Ghusul). What is the rule, please reply. Assalamualaikum.. More

  • Putting a replica of the Ka’bah door in the Qiblah of the mosque Date: 18-5-2008

    There is a new masjid which has recently been built in our area which has a replica of the ka'aba's door in front of the area where the imam stands for prayer. The masjid is decorated extravagantly. Is this allowed?.. More

  • Participating Da’wah in a mosque built from ill-gotten money Date: 5-5-2008

    Assalamu alaikum: There are a group of muslims who work as cooks and cook pork in diners. they are buliding a majid. the Imam works at Olive Graden where they also serve alcohol. he too cooks pork. these poeple know that what they are doing is haram ,yet they are asking to support the masjid financially and otherwise, by attending it and participating.. More

  • Reading a Hadeeth in the mosque Date: 3-12-2007

    Is reading a Hadeeth in the mosque Bid‘ah (religious innovation)? If not, what is the ruling on those who forbid it?.. More

  • Using the basement of a mosque for entertainment purposes Date: 25-9-2007

    Our Masjid was built on two floors initially and specific intention to include sections of these two floors as Jamaat Khana was made, subsequently due to planning objections the basement (which was not intended to be used as Jamaat Khana and has never been used for such purpose) was built to be used as a car park. This basement occupies almost the entire.. More

  • Celebrating the Prophet’s birthday and beating drums inside the mosque Date: 6-6-2007

    how can i help my brother in islam debating with others on the issue of drums assam aleikum my brother in islam works in debating against non-muslims (in the content of Quran Vs bible) .some days back there was a MAULID in amosque at our village area.when imet this brother i told him how can he challeng his opponents regarding drums and flutes,after.. More

  • Playing football in a car parking lot in the mosque’s premises Date: 24-4-2007

    Assalamualaikum. What is the Islamic ruling regarding playing soccer at car parking spaces located within the boundary of a mosque? Jazakumullah Khairal Jaza... More

  • Muslim women coming to the mosque without Hijab Date: 18-12-2006

    All perfect praise be to Allaah, The Lord of the Worlds. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allaah, and that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger. We ask Allaah to exalt his mention as well as that of his family and all his companions. Here in US we are renting a place as a Musjid and the ones who run it want it to be according Sunnah... More