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  • The deceased is not exhumed except for a reasonable benefit Date: 20-1-2014

    A woman gave birth to a child in a private hospital. Due to negligence, both she and her child died. Three months afterwards, her husband wants to exhume the corpse to establish the medical error. What is the ruling on exhuming a grave after this span of time to establish a medical error?.. More

  • Ruling on visiting graves which require setting out on a journey Date: 20-1-2014

    My father died and was buried in Abu Dhabi which is as far as 350 kilometers from the city where we live. Is visiting his grave considered setting out on journey (for a religious service)? Does he grieve if no one visits his grave? However, I see him in my dreams visiting us and, when I ask him, he tells me that he is in Abu Dhabi and should return.. More

  • Running a waterline alongside a graveyard Date: 16-1-2014

    Asslam-o-Aliakum I want to cross a water pipe that may be ¾” to 2” in diameter from a grave yard nearer to my home to access the water from a water well beside the grave yard. Moreover I also want to clear that the grave yard is almost full of graves & a new grave yard has been inaugurated in the village. Old Grave yard has also a boundary.. More

  • Ruling on price of graveyard trees Date: 7-9-2013

    Assalamu alikum We have a grave yard in which thee were sone trees .These Trees were sold and a good amount was got .Can this amount be used for the Poor people of locality.If not how to make use of it. .. More

  • Passing by graves whose dwellers one does not know whether they are Muslims or not Date: 16-7-2013

    During my travels outside the Muslim world, it happens that I pass by graves, is it permissible to recite the cited supplication (when passing by the Muslims graves). Please note that I do not know whether they are Muslims’ graves or not... More

  • Islamic guidelines concerning visiting the graves Date: 16-6-2013

    What is the ruling concerning visiting the grave of a certain person?.. More

  • A tomb built with baked bricks, what to do? Date: 16-6-2013

    A Muslim brother who knows that it is forbidden to build tombs with baked bricks is asking what he should do regarding the tomb of his father which was built with baked bricks in 1970. Please answer us in light of the prohibition to exhume graves... More

  • Ruling of playing football near the graveyards Date: 13-6-2013

    We play football in a playground near the graveyard but we heard that it is considered a violation to the sanctity of the graves. Is that true? Please inform us taking into account that the ball may fall into the graveyard... More

  • Where to bury a Christian or Jewish woman who was impregnated by a Muslim husband? Date: 29-5-2013

    In which graveyards should we bury a pregnant Christian woman whose husband is a Muslim? .. More

  • Exhuming graves impermissible except for legitimate necessity Date: 13-1-2013

    Assalamualaikum, I am from Singapore. Recently, the authority in charge (MUIS) of Muslim cemeteries in Singapore decide to dig out graves of Muslim deceased who are buried for more than 15 years. They will all be buried in a new land with 8 remains to a plot of grave. My grandmother is one of them and I have the option to re-bury (also call re-inter).. More

  • This Hadeeth does not allow building shrines over graves Date: 25-8-2012

    Assalaam alaikym please help me with regard to this narration, innovators use this for making dargas, "Kharija ibn Zayd said: I can see myself when we were young men [boys] in the time of Uthman [ibn `Affan](ra)The strongest one of us in high jump was he who could jump over the grave of `Uthman ibn Maz`un and clear it► cited by al-Bukhari.. More

  • Building shrines on graves Date: 30-8-2010

    Is it lawful to visit shrines? Please provide a detailed answer... More

  • The trial of the grave and its three questions Date: 30-8-2010

    Will the soul return to the body after burial? What does the dead person say in his grave?.. More

  • Plastering graves with mud in Muharram each year Date: 29-6-2009

    Assalamo Alaikum. In Pakistan each year during the month of Muharram Muslims do mud plaster on their family graves annually. Discussion is going on whether it is FARZ or SUNNAH (Moaqdah or non Moaqda) or it is not necessary to do mud plaster on family graves at all. In U.S.A nobody does mud plaster on family graves after burial as practice in Pakistan... More

  • Women visiting graves every Friday Date: 2-3-2009

    salam i have read that it is permissiable to visit the grave and so i have been visiting my fathers grave every friday with my mom to say duaa and remember death but ive read its not good to go visit the graves alot im confused ? is every friday to much? ja zakum allah khair.. More