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  • Expiation for having sexual intercourse during the daytime in Ramadan Date: 4-6-2015

    Someone broke his fast ten times in Ramadan by having sexual intercourse, so he is required to expiate for this by fasting ten sets of two consecutive months. He will not be able to fast for such a long period and would like to offer the expiation of feeding the poor instead of fasting. The question is concerning the manner in which this is to be done:.. More

  • Expiation for Breaking Fast: Amount and Types Date: 31-5-2015

    How and when should the one who suffers an incurable sickness compensate for the days of fasting that he misses in Ramadan? Should the compensation be given as food or money? If I provide the compensation as money, how much should I pay per missed day? Can I pay the money of the entire month all at once or should I pay day by day? .. More

  • Expiation is not due upon whoever breaks his fast while making up for missed fasts of Ramadan Date: 28-5-2015

    I was making up for the fast of one of the missed days of Ramadan. During the day, I felt exhausted and broke my fast. What is the ruling on this? Is it only obligatory upon me to fast this day again or should I make up for the day on which I broke my fast as well? Is it obligatory upon me to offer an expiation or not? .. More

  • Not Stipulated To Offer Expiation In Full All At Once Date: 28-5-2015

    I broke my fast for several days in Ramadan because I was pregnant. I did not make up for that until now. I know that I have to offer an expiation and feed ten poor persons for each day that I missed. My question is: What is the value of the expiation for each person, knowing that I live in UAE? Can I offer expiation in several stages due to my financial.. More

  • Putting expiation in public donation fund is not valid Date: 28-5-2015

    I did not make up many missed days of Ramadan. Several Ramadans have passed, and I did not make up missed fasts out of laziness. I have recently come to know that this is impermissible and that I have to feed one poor person as expiation for each day that I did not make up for. I do not know how to reach such poor persons to give them food. Is it permissible.. More

  • Feeding is not valid as an expiation unless one is unable to fast Date: 26-5-2015

    I only fast during Ramadan. Of course, I break my fast whenever I have menses or postnatal bleeding. Additionaly, I occasionally break the fast without a sharia-approved reason. I never, however, make up for the days of fasting that I miss. I forgot how many days I have missed so far through my life since I have been doing this for years. What should.. More

  • Expiation for breaking the fast may be sent to any country Date: 26-5-2015

    Two years ago, I had to break my fast in Ramadan because I had my menses. I have not yet fasted those days that I missed. What should I do? Please note that I live in the United States and that I might not find poor Muslims to give them the expiation that I have to pay for each day of fasting I have missed. .. More

  • Feeding poor people one meal together as part of required expiation Date: 14-2-2015

    Asalaam alaikum, jazakallah khairan for responding. the question was regarding delaying to make up fast (due to menses) for passed ramadhans for no valid reason. my understanding is i should repent to allah s.w.t, make up for each missed day and aswel as to pay for expiation which is 750 gm or 1.5kg of food to each miskeen. so my second question: is.. More

  • Gathering sixty poor persons for cooked food is valid in expiation Date: 16-6-2014

    Is it permissible to give sixty persons uncooked rice as expiation? Can it, for example, be given out all at once to one poor family? What is the amount of food that everyone should take? .. More

  • Paying expiation on behalf of another person is not valid except with his permission Date: 16-6-2014

    I would like to ask if I have the right to pay expiation on behalf of my husband, on account that he may refuse to pay it. It is most likely that he will refuse to pay it. Is it permissible for me to pay it without telling him so that he may not bear the sin, and in this way I would help him not to commit a sin? He is quick-tempered and I must not tell.. More

  • Expiation is not waived on account of ignorance of its ruling Date: 15-6-2014

    I want to know what to do as I broke my fast for three days in Ramadan, not because a legal excuse, but because of having sexual intercourse with my wife. I did not know that the punishment for this is to fast two consecutive months. Is there another option to expiate for this violation? If the other option is to offer food in charity, is it permissible.. More

  • Paying expiation for missing 49 days along 7 years Date: 15-6-2014

    I missed days of fasting in Ramadan for more than nine years. I used to miss 7 days in every year. That makes the total of 49 days. Shall I give charity in expiation for these missed days? If yes, would it be alright if I send the food to countries where there are people who need it? .. More

  • Ruling on giving expiation food to non-Muslims Date: 23-3-2014

    Asalamu alaikum My question is about giving food-based kafaraah in the UK. I need to feed some needy people as expiation for my sins, but since the UK is a majority non-Muslim country, I have no idea where to access needy Muslims whom I can feed. I know lots of Muslims who are living in decent housing with reasonable income, but none who are destitute... More

  • An old man became capable to fast after expiating Date: 24-7-2012

    My father had cancer in his colon. The tumor was removed in an operation four days before Ramadhaan, praise be to Allaah The Almighty. Now his health is better. He tried to start fasting but could not, especially since he suffers from diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure and he is over seventy-five years. Does he have to make up for.. More

  • Paying Fidyah on behalf of a poor woman by giving it to her Date: 23-7-2012

    A poor woman suffers an incurable cancer and she cannot fast. She knows that she is required to pay the Fidyah (compensation for not fasting). She asks whether she is required to give out of her small amount of food or someone else can do this on her behalf. Can that person give the compensation to her family which consists of 8 children and.. More