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24 fatwas

  • A non-Muslim girl admiring the Islamic Hijab Date: 23-8-2006

    I am a 18 year old student and am best friends with a girl of the Muslim faith.She is a penfriend and over the years has told me much about her religion and her customs.Though I am not Muslim, I am very interested in the concept of hijab, not just as items of clothing but also because I believe in modesty and respect for all women. I know from her.. More

  • Misconceptions about marital rights in Islam Date: 4-12-2005

    I have been reading about the marital rights in Islam and I am confused. Please answer my question as its taking me away from religion and bringing evil thoughts about Islam. I understand man has more rights over his wife but if someone is given power there should be severe punishment if he abuses that power but it seems that if women makes.. More

  • Polyandry in Islam Date: 8-9-2004

    According to Islam women cannot marry more than one male as then we will not know who the father is. But today we can know who the father is by DNA testing. So how can we answer this question if posed by a non-Muslim? .. More

  • Certain women's rights and responsibilities in Islam Date: 20-1-2003

    1)Why in Islam girls cannot go out alone , but here in Europe is it possible to go out alone ?2)What is the problem when girl has a boyfriend, before they get married?3)What are the problems bad effects of freedom of Europe on and American women (Like sex,bad clothes, etc.)4) Men in Islam can have many wives, why can't women have many husbands?Please.. More

  • Answering Some Misconceptions about Women in Islam Date: 16-10-2002

    There is a new group which has come recently to my city and claim that they are addressing common misconceptions about Islam by Muslims themselves. These are a few of their teachings:- looking at a woman in her eye while addressing her is a cultural thing and has nothing to do with Islam.- women are highly encouraged to work (even outside homes, i.e... More

  • Freedom of women in Islam Date: 21-7-2002

    Why in Islam women do not have their freedom? .. More

  • Refuting Some Misconceptions Date: 10-4-2002

    I don't mean to sound like a disbeliever, but scholars always speak of the reward for men in heaven how they will have “Hour al-'Een”. How can a man can keep more than one wife? What's in it for women? I believe Allah to be a Just and Fair God. I just want to understand. If there are any books you recommend I would be grateful. I need to learn more.. More

  • Women Giving Alms Date: 9-4-2001

    What is the meaning of the Prophet ordering that women should give alms in the Hadeeth where he saw most of the occupants of Hell-fire were women? .. More

  • Reason Why Muslim Women Cover their Body and Hair Date: 1-1-2001

    What is the reason Muslim ladies need to cover the body and hair? .. More