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  • Who is Dara? And who is Dhul-Qarnain? Date: 30-11-2003

    Thanks for your explanation, I need more clarification: who is Dara? Is he Darius king of Ancient Persian? I found another information in the Internet that Dhul-Qarnain is probably Cyrus the Great founder of Persian Empire whose empire was from Black Sea in the West to Indus Valley in the East, is it correct?.. More

  • Dhul-Qarnain The Pious King Date: 21-9-2003

    Who's exactly Dhul-Qarnain? Is it correct, he's Alexander the Great from Macedonia? What are the clauses which confirming that Dhul-Qarnain was Alexander the Great from Macedonia?.. More

  • Surah that mentions backbiting Date: 29-6-2003

    Please inform me of the name of the Surah (s) that talks about backbiting... More

  • Qur'anic Surahs about the last days of the world Date: 2-4-2003

    I have the Holy Qur'an in english. I like what I have read, but in which Surah can I find more information about the last days of the world. I read from Al-Qiyamah to the end. I want to read more... More

  • Dhul-Qarnain and Gog and Magog Date: 3-2-2003

    Who was zul Qarnin? Who is ummat he in? In surah Alkahf it talks about zul Qarnin making a wall between the people & yajuj & majuj are yajuj & majuj still in the world?.. More

  • Name of the Dog in Soorah Al-Kahf Date: 8-7-2002

    What is the name of the dog of people of the cave (Ashab al-Kahf)? .. More

  • Mary's grandmother's name Date: 25-5-2002

    I like to ask about Mary (Peace upon her), what is her grand mother's name?.. More

  • Quranic Reference for Prayer Date: 21-4-2002

    Please let me know the verses of the Qur'an that sets out how to perform prayers. Please do not refer me to the Hadith. .. More

  • Prophet Nuh and the flood story Date: 6-9-1999

    Is it possible that The prophet Nuh took all kinds of animals in his vessel? I think that the flood was only in a certain region of the earth and not covering all our planet. I believe that Nuh took only specific species of the region where he lived. Please answer my question. wa alaykum Assalam.. More