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  • Baptism of Jesus Date: 9-2-2005

    Is Jesus was baptised by John in the Jordanian River?.. More

  • Imaam Mahdi and Prophet 'Eesaa Date: 27-12-2004

    I am some what confused on a particular question. Is Imaam Mahdi and 'Eesaa, may Allaah exalt his mention, the same person or are they two different people, as I was told that as Prophets have more than one name i.e. Muhammad, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, was also known as Ahmed, so is it possible that 'Eesaa is actually called Mahdi?.. More

  • They killed him not, nor crucified him Date: 5-8-2004

    Thank you for your help with my previous questions. It has been of great help! In Christian belief, after Prophet Isa (PBUH) was 'crucified', he made a number of 'appearances' to visit his companions during the next 3 days. They claim to have sighted Prophet Isa (PBUH) with marks of the crucifixion (his hands). Then the Bible says no more. What.. More

  • Jesus is neither God nor son of God Date: 5-7-2004

    I need important verses of Bible to make my friend understand that Jesus is not a god but he is a Messenger of God. Please send me some important verses from Bible... More

  • Second coming of Jesus in Islam and Christianity Date: 19-5-2004

    What can you say about the second coming of Jesus (I'sa) in Islam and Christianity?.. More

  • Crucification of Jesus Date: 26-4-2004

    I am a Moroccan Muslim living in Greece. These days here they celebrate the crucification of Jesus. I have heard that they bring a holy light from the grave of Maryam and really everyone here believe this. They bring a holy light from al Kudos from the grave of Maryam. My questions is if really it exist such a thing because they pretend its a miracle... More

  • Mary the daughter of Imran Date: 22-9-2003

    I want to know about the life of Maryam (Mary)?.. More

  • Jesus did not die, was risen alive Date: 31-12-2002

    If Jesus is just a prophet, how did he die on the cross and rise? Why does the Bible say that He said that the He was the Son of God?.. More

  • Calling Isa Jesus Date: 15-9-2002

    Will it be right to call Isa (peace be upon him) Jesus?.. More

  • Is Jesus dead? Date: 19-5-2002

    Is 'Isa Ibn Maryam dead? a man said he is dead. He will never come back... More

  • Questions about Jesus and Christianity Date: 19-5-2002

    Why does the Holy Qur'an state that Jesus death was prophesied (I will cause you to die, raise you to me)? 3:55.Does this not prove that Christ was not killed accidentally?Did he not die in accordance with the will of God?When was the Trinity started?If all the bible is not true then how is someone to know what parts to believe?.. More

  • Christian beliefs vs Qur'an, etc. Date: 20-4-2002

    Christians believe in crucifixion of Jesus (Alaihi As-Salaam). We Muslims believe that Allah took him from this world. Could you please let me know where exactly in Qur'an it is mentioned about disappearance of Jesus (Alaihi As-Salaam) and his reappearance... More

  • Ascent, descent and death of Jesus Date: 2-7-2000

    We know that Jesus was not killed by his conspirators, but when God said he will raise him to Himself, this verse is very general. Another verse states that Jesus said (when he was an infant) ¨"Peace on me that day I was born, that day I die, and the day I will be raised up again" Explain to me this situation. Asaalaam Alaikum.. More

  • Religious discussion with a Christian Date: 18-6-2000

    While I was in a religious discussion with a Christian at work, I told him about Prophet Muhammad and explained to him he was prophisized by Isa too. The man rejected me and said to me plainly," it's not easy for someone to claim himself as prophet". I became frustrated and answered him in return and "even worse for someone to claim himself as God"... More

  • Jesus as son of God Date: 25-8-1999

    What is the stand of Islam on the assertion of Christians that Prophet Isah (Alaihi Salam) is the son of God?.. More