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  • Claims made by a group in India Date: 26-5-2005

    one group in India by name they are calling them Salaf Jamaa'ah ul-Muslimeen (the group of Muslims) and are saying that Allaah Has mention so don't call our Salaf as Salafy or Ahlus-Sunnah, and any name and they are saying that bait (pledge of allegiance) is compulsory for every Muslim on there Emir and indirectly they are calling them Salaf Muslim.. More

  • Sending anonymous letters of protest Date: 7-4-2005

    I have been Islamic activist for last 25 years. By profession I am a lawyer. I am the founder of Centre for Islamic Studies- vision+mission taking Islam to non-Muslim. I am also the founder of Amal International School currently 1000 students are studying. My friends working with me for the last 20 years carried on a campaign to get rid.. More

  • Conflict in the community Date: 23-12-2004

    There is a very big Fitnah in the community I live in and I will need your advice as to what to do. The acting Imaam (Mr. A) and the Ameer (Mr. B) are currently involved in a dispute, Mr. B said that when Mr. A was giving a Khutba, he attacked him and that it was not right. Mr. A denied it and said he was reading from the book, Mr. B said he.. More

  • A group called "Madkhaliyyeen" Date: 2-5-2004

    What is the ruling on different groups in Islam? Is there a group called "Madkhaleen"? I have been told that I should not consider them as Salafis, even though that is what they claim to be. They say that this "group" is very harsh and that their Sheikhs are being paid by the Saudi government. Truly I found this very confusing; since they.. More

  • Muslims dividing into groups Date: 26-4-2003

    I am staying in non-Muslim country. Here we have Masjid and Jama`a, al-Hamdu Lillah. But something happened, and people in our male-Jama`a stopped trusting each other; they divide into groups. They are all trying to be good Muslims (Insha Allah), but Shaitan made his work. Please, can you write some Du'a on such item, with Ayahs and Ahadith, that people.. More

  • Frustrated with the deteriorating condition among Muslims in the Gulf Date: 29-6-2002

    I'm one of the distressed members of the Muslim Ummah. My family resides in a Muslim country in the gulf. I always had high respect for the Gulf States as far as practice of Islam is concerned. But unfortunately these days when I returned from USA (where I'm studying) I have realized that we Muslims are being humiliated due to our lack in dedication.. More

  • Avoiding hypocrisy in Da'wah Date: 29-4-2002

    How can one be assured that the Da'wah she is making does not contain any "Riyaa" its a disturbing thing and sometimes I get a feeling of hesitant to do the Da'wah even though with Allah's Grace, the ladies are very happy and anxious to get more teachings from me... More

  • Explaining Islam to Non-Muslims Date: 26-12-2000

    I live in Canada, and of course I am surrounded by non-Muslims. Whenever I try to explain to them Islam they say that this is for the old generations. I have difficulty explaining to them that it also concerns our generation. The non-believers say that being gay is natural. But for sure I don't believe it because why would Allah punish them if it was.. More