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  • The distinguishing mark of the observers of prayer on the Day of Resurrection Date: 13-1-2014

    What is the benefit of the mark of prostration? Would you please mention some Hadeeths. May Allaah Reward you. .. More

  • Addressing difficulties some may experience in observing prayer regularly Date: 13-1-2014

    I am a young man and give much charity out of my modest wealth. But I strive against myself in order to regularly observe the prayer as I find real difficulty in this regard. Also, I sometimes smoke using a hookah. So I feel despair that Allaah The Almighty does not accept my charity. Please advise. Thank you. .. More

  • The prostration mark on the forehead has no positive or negative meaning Date: 4-8-2013

    assalmwalekum, i have black mark in my forehead due to sajda. i heard that this is not good as mentioned in some hadeeths. kindly tell me is it good to have mark on forehead or not. I keep clothes beneath my forehead to reduce the mark. however this mark is present. .. More

  • Some matters that help one adhere to performing prayers Date: 24-12-2012

    I do not pray regularly. I feel extremely upset when I abandon prayers. What should I do to adhere to performing prayers? Please note that there are many influences and distractions including media and satellite channels... More

  • The Hijri year in which the prayer was enjoined Date: 21-4-2009

    in which hijri salath started?.. More

  • The first prayer performed in Islam Date: 21-10-2007

    which was the first namaz performed by Mohammed (May peace be upon him) from fazr, dhor, asar,magrib & iasha? Why was Mohammed (May peace be upon him) was given nabuwat at the age of fourty as comapred to other prophets?.. More

  • Can not pray at her grandmother's house Date: 7-9-2006

    As-salaamu alaykum A sister that I know can't pray at her grandmothers house and that's where she lives what's the best thing she can do so can maintane to be a good muslimah but is not able to make salat where she lives can you tell me insha-allah a.s.a.p.. More

  • The 'Asr is the middle prayer and the lunar month starts at night Date: 1-8-2006

    Assalamu alaikum.Thank you for Fatwa Number 91849, which was answer to question number 2102859.You say month starts at night.That means date also changes at night?Then Magrib becomes first prayer of the month?But then middle prayer will be Fajr and not Asr as said by Allah in 2:238? Hope you will clarify. Was Salaam... More

  • The prayers of Al-Bardayn Date: 2-4-2006

    What are the prayers of Al-Bardayn?.. More

  • Performing prayers while persisting in committing some sins Date: 18-12-2005

    Some people can not perform prayers because Satan incites them. One says to himself 'I have bad things while performing prayers'. What is the solution?.. More

  • When was the prayer made compulsory? Date: 14-12-2005

    When (Salat) prayer made compulsory? .. More

  • Does not pray because he takes bribery Date: 13-9-2005

    In fact I am Government sector employee where salaries are not sufficient for life survives. So, no other way to get on except bribe (Rishwath).To avoid to take that bribe I went Gulf for employment, but I have not success in that also. But I performed prayer when I was at Gulf due to as I got Halaal income. Now I am not performing prayer.. More

  • Prays at work, but with difficulty Date: 1-6-2005

    I try my best to make sure I always do my Salaat at work, but, there's no designated place for prayers. Sometimes I pray in the conference room when it's not occupied, however, sometimes it's occupied by employees. So I try to find any suitable place like next to my manager's office. But, people will be passing by or trying to get to the office.. More

  • Busy working housewife and obligation for prayer Date: 20-4-2005

    If a married woman is working and she home and cook, cleaning and looking after kids etc. How and when she can pray Salaat? .. More

  • Unable to wake up for prayers Date: 17-1-2005

    I am really worried about my routine of life in these days. I have not been able to say my Asr and Maghrib prayers due to sleeping. I do say my Fajr prayer regularly almost, but at coming back from college I cannot control myself when I am at bed. During this I try to wake up but I am no been able to do this even trying my level best. My physical.. More