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  • Performed Thuhr after its time had elapsed Date: 13-5-2002

    Assalamu alaikum, i have a question, one time i prayed zuhr at about 3:20 and the time for asr is 3:15 so is my salat ok or should i redo it? JazakAllah Khair Wasalam.. More

  • Performing Missed Maghrib Prayer before Witr or after Isha’ Date: 7-4-2002

    I would like to know, if I miss my Maghrib prayer, for any reason, do I have to perform the Maghrib prayer before Witr Salah or can I offer after completing Isha prayer. Please quote reference from Hadith. .. More

  • Scared on missed prayers Date: 20-2-2002

    I'm 35 years old and I did not perform prayers regularly but now I started performing the prayers. The truth is that I'm so scared that I will not be forgiven for the past years of disobedience. So, I'm scared I will be in hell forever? What can I do?.. More

  • Making Up Missed Prayers Date: 4-2-2002

    In my lifetime I did not offer the obligatory prayers five times a day; some time I missed 2, some time 3 prayers. Can I offer that missed prayer of my lifetime now as an adjustment by offering Qaza' prayer, after each obligatory prayer every day in order to adjust missed prayers. .. More

  • Making up for missed prayer Date: 4-2-2002

    1) During the month of Sha'baan I was in great mental and physical disturbance due to the life I was living and my friend advised me to seek help from Allah, and I did so and help came. Now my mental and physical state are fine. But I'm experiencing another problem now, neglect of my prayers. I don't want to do so, but there times when I find myself.. More

  • Making up for prayers while unclean Date: 29-1-2002

    When I was 14 year old I used to masturbate and I stopped. During that period and after doing this bad thing I didn't usually make the Taharah, so what should I do for my prayer (As-Salah) that I did without Taharah... More

  • Making up missed prayers Date: 5-4-2001

    I attend high school in Chicago. Everyday I miss two prayers, Zuhr and Asr. Which one should I pray first at Asr time?.. More

  • Menses during prayers Date: 22-9-2000

    If a woman has her menses while praying, does she have to make up the prayer? If so, what does she do if she cannot remember exacting which prayers were in this time period? Please give reference from Qur'an and Sunnah. .. More

  • Making up missed prayers Date: 12-10-1999

    What should I do about missed prayers? .. More