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  • Folding long trousers up before performing prayer Date: 19-10-2005

    I wanted to know that. Am I allowed to fold my pant from down to perform Namaz? If the pant is to long if no am I allowed folding it from up side (from waist). Please answer me. .. More

  • Praying while hanging ID cards with photo Date: 13-9-2005

    We are working in Hamad Hospital here in Doha Qatar. They are giving employee cards with little employee details and photograph and it should be hanged in front of the dress that's the rule. Shall we pray while that card with photo is on the front of our dress? .. More

  • Wearing a cap during prayer Date: 18-1-2005

    What is the ruling about wearing a cap (generally white with holes) during prayer? .. More

  • Praying on a rug with a picture of Masjid Al-Haraam Date: 1-11-2004

    I asked you several questions and received answers from you. Now I have another question about prayingRukoo' (Sajadah). On of our Muslim brothers read an Islaamic book recently and learnt it is prohibited to pray on a Sajadah which pattern on it is like Masjid Al-Haraam. After reading that brother suspicious of that and let me ask you about.. More

  • Men praying with pants below the ankle Date: 1-9-2004

    While I was praying at a Masjid a brother stopped me and said that one must have clothes (pants/ Arabic dress, pajamas etc.) above the ankle. In-other words men should not cover their ankle while praying. As a result I fold my pants above the ankle and perform my Salat. Please comment. .. More

  • Closing One’s Eyes in Prayer Date: 25-5-2004

    I am non-Arabic Muslim when I pray Salat in Arabic I also think of the translation, so that the words coming from my mouth have meaning to me. To concentrate in Salat and remember translation I close my eyes. Some say it is not good to close your eyes when praying Salat. Please Advise. .. More

  • Turning Off a Cell Phone During Prayer Date: 24-4-2004

    In the Hanafi School of jurisprudence, we can't do anything during the prayer (Salah) which shows that we are not in Salah. So if one's cell phone rings during Salah, can he pull it out of his pocket and turn it off according to Hanafi School of jurisprudence? Please give me a detailed answer. .. More

  • Cracking the knuckles Date: 26-2-2004

    Is cracking one's knuckles Haram? Is it mentioned in Hadith? .. More

  • Cuffing clothes while praying Date: 11-12-2003

    Can we fold the cuffs of our wearing while praying?.. More

  • Praying in Shirt with Animal in Design Date: 7-7-2002

    Is it ok to pray while wearing a shirt having a small picture of lacoste (animal) on the left part of my chest? .. More

  • Praying with shirt sleeves folded Date: 7-7-2002

    I usually wear a long-sleeve shirt but I fold up the sleeves up to arms due to the hot weather all the time these days. I pray while my sleeves are folded up. Is Haram or Makrooh to fold up my sleeves? I fold my sleeves all the times, not only during the prayers... More

  • Disturbing thoughts while praying Date: 29-4-2002

    I suspect I have the HIV virus and I think that this was the reason that I started to pray. But now feel that there is hope for me yet. Sometimes when I pray bad thoughts come into my mind, I think of sex or of being out with the guys smoking Ganja, but I've stopped all that except Ganja. But still I have trouble forgetting about sex when I pray but.. More