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  • This certainty nullifies any act of worship Date: 15-5-2011

    Assalmu alaikum Wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu Sir please explain a general principle : If someone has offered any kind of worship with full confidence but after the expiry of time he becomes aware that he had done a mistake which nullify his worship. Then ,whether his worship is acceptable or not. I make my point clear by following example : 1)If.. More

  • Prayer of a person who dyes his hair black Date: 17-3-2010

    Some scholars say that using black hair dye and praying is not valid. Is it true? SALAAM... More

  • A praying person unintentionally swallowing remnants of food between his teeth Date: 11-3-2010

    dear brothers, i have a question regarding ingestion in prayer. Suppose i ate before the prayer and washed my mouth properly before i start the prayer, but then during the prayer some tiny particles are still present in the mouth, especially when i eat beef, chicken etc, some part get stuck between the teeth, which is unintentional, does that cause.. More

  • Praying behind someone who did not wash his feet during ablution Date: 11-5-2008

    Several years ago, I prayed Salaatul 'Asr with a stranger at an airport. He led the prayer. I had noticed that while making his wudoo', he had reomved his socks and wiped over only the top part of his feet. Questions: - Should I have let him lead me in salaah? - Should I repeat the salaah now? - What evidence exists for this way of making wudoo', even.. More

  • Worried about mistakes he used to make while performing prayer Date: 29-4-2007

    Assalmu Oalaikum. In of the fatwas previously, you mentioned that Prophet (sws) used to keep his hands on chest during Salah, would you mind please tell me in details about it. 2.However, is Prophet used to keep his hands on chest during every type of prayer, like, obligatory or sunnah or nafil prayer. 3.From many years I heard about a Nafil prayer.. More

  • Prayed while having doubts about her wet dream Date: 17-9-2006

    asalam o alilkum Mufti sahib about 2 months a go i had a wet dream (and i had wet dreams 4 or 5 times in different nights at that time).I saw a dream and in it i felt i was not satisfied and (felt fluid)on waking up.But after that i didnot remember my dream that whether i was satisfied in my dream (whether mazi came or mani).When i got up in the.. More

  • Lazy performing prayers Date: 10-2-2005

    Sometimes I am lazy in performing prayers. Is it permissible for me to do prayers by sitting at that time?.. More

  • Prayed all day then realized he had a wet dream earlier Date: 19-10-2004

    One day I woke normally like any other day and performed my prayers as normal until the evening prayer, when I came to realize that I had wet dreams because I found a sign of it on my clothes. Should I then repeat the prayer for that whole day? .. More

  • Praying while standing or sitting to save time Date: 2-8-2004

    I work as a security guard and some of the prayer times will be while I am at work and I can't pray them. Can I pray standing or sitting so I will not lose the time? Thanks.. More

  • Repeating her prayer after finding some hair exposed Date: 8-6-2004

    I know that a woman must cover her hair when praying. I try to cover it the best I can before I pray. However, sometimes a short hair slips out while praying, that I usually notice afterwards. I am wondering if I have to repeat my prayer again. I have been repeating the prayers, but it is making praying very cumbersome (esp. because I have small.. More

  • What to do in case Wudu is nullified while praying Date: 23-10-2003

    If a person praying alone breaks his Wudu during the Salah, is he supposed to finish his Salah with or without Salaam? What in case of a person praying with an Imam?.. More

  • Losing cousciousness while praying Date: 27-5-2001

    If anyone, while praying became affected by "Jinn" what should he do? What do you suggest?.. More

  • What to Do when Ablution Is Invalidated During Prayer Date: 24-8-2000

    If the 'wudoo' (ablution) gets broken during the 'Namaz' (Salat) should we continue the Salat or should we stop, do the 'Wudoo' again and start the Salat again? .. More