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  • Offering the Sunnah prayers of Thuhr when combining Thuhr and ‘Asr Date: 9-5-2013

    I am suffering from urinary incontinence. I delay the Thuhr and combine it with ‘Asr. I am very keen on offering the Sunnah prayer so when can I offer the regular Sunnah prayers before and after Thuhr as well as the Sunnah prayer before ‘Asr? Can I offer them after I combine Thuhr and ‘Asr?.. More

  • Sunnah after Maghrib Prayer and repeating Takbeer loudly behind the Imaam if necessary Date: 1-12-2011

    * Is there any extra nafl prayers mentioned in Sahih Ahadith after Maghrib prayer?? * Is it true that reading Surah Inshirah helps to keep the heart well.. since the Prophet's (pbuh) ''open heart surgery'' by the angels before going to Miraj was done by reciting it? * Why does the muazzin at masjid ul haram repeat 'takbir' after the imam? Is there any.. More

  • Making up the pre-Sunnah of Thuhr Date: 6-2-2011

    Assalamualikum-warahmatullah-wabarakatuh. If a person misses his 4 rakahs of sunnah before the zuhr prayer, then he is to pray them after he finishes the zuhr. My question is: will he pray these 4 rakahs soon after the zuhr prayer or after the post-zuhr sunnah of 2 rakahs? In other words will he pray 4-4-2 or 4-2-4? Jazakumullahu-khaira. Wassalamualikum-wa.. More

  • When to pray the two Rak’ahs of Sunnah after the Maghrib prayer Date: 15-5-2008

    As salamu aleykum, I read in couple of hadit that we should offer the 2 rakat Sunnah of Magrib immidiatly after the Fard prayer, like this hadith Hadhrat Huzayfah (Radhiyallaahu Anhu) narrates that Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) said, ‘Hasten with performing two Rakaats after Maghrib for they are lifted up with the Fardh Salaat.’ (Mishkat.. More

  • The supererogatory prayers according to the Hanafi Mathhab Date: 15-5-2008


  • Performing only two Rak’ahs in the mosque before obligatory prayers Date: 9-12-2007

    Assalamualaikum,brother here i am with you to ask that,i have seen people in saudi arabia who come to pray in masjid they just pray two raka and then they dont pray sunnah for example the sunnah of dohr before faraidh is 4 raka but they pray only 2 raka,so is it acceptable. .. More

  • Combining all the confirmed optional prayers after ‘Ishaa’ Date: 21-11-2007

    Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh i want to know about praying of daily sunnah prayer which is 12 a day. I heard from Aalim that we can pray this 12 sunnah prayer before sleeping after ishan prayer. Is this correct? or if we left before zohar sunnah prayers can we pray after zohar farz? please advice me from Quran & Sunnah Insha Allah.. More

  • Times to perform the confirmed Sunnah prayers Date: 2-10-2007

    asalamu alaikum, what is the exact time to perform 2 rakah sunah before the time of the obligatory salat? pls help ASAP.... JAZAKALAHU KAIRAN.. More

  • A narration about performing the Sunnah prayer directly after the obligatory prayer Date: 20-2-2007

    As salamu aleykum, Does this hadeeth excist? Aishah R.A. said that the Prophet -may Allaah raise his rank- after the taslim in prayer used to sit as long at it takes to say . Allaahumma anta Al-Salaam wa minka Al-Salaam Tabaarakta Yaa Dhaa-l-Jalaali Wa Al-Ikraam." then he used to stand up to perform his sunnah prayer. (Muslim, Abu Dawud, Tirmizi).. More

  • The two Rak'as before the obligatory Fajr prayer Date: 31-8-2006

    is it compulsary that in fajr salah we should (compulsary) do sunnath before faraz salah??.. More

  • Performing 4 supererogatory Rakahs with one Salaam Date: 27-2-2006

    Our Imam-e-Masjid told us a Hadeeth that Rasool-e-Mukarram, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, adviced to pray 10 or 12 Raka's Sunnah prayer in whole day before and after Fardh prayers (on various times), in Pakistan we use to pray 4 Raka's Sunnah, before 4 Raka's Fard of Salat-e-Thuhr, with 1 (One) Salaam (ending). However according to a Hadeeth in Saheeh.. More

  • Clarification of the recommended Sunnah prayers Date: 23-9-2004

    I would like to ask you 3 questions in regards to prayers. Someone in an earlier fatwa asked you about the five daily prayers and the recommended Sunnah that go along with them. I am really concerned with the fact that you stated Thuhr prayer consisted of 4 Raka'h Sunnah before the Fard, and 2 after. I have always been taught that it was 2 Sunnah,.. More

  • Nawafil after obligatory prayers Date: 2-8-2004

    Regarding the Sunnah and Nafil Salaats that we offer before and after every Fardh with Jama'ah: are we allowed to offer four raka'as of Sunnah or Nafil salaats with one Salaam and two Tashahhud (sitting) or is it compulsory to offer all the salaats in two raka'as only? Please answer according to the Sunnah. .. More

  • Sunnah prayers while traveling Date: 29-7-2004

    My question is while in a journey are sunnah necessary to ‎pray or not? And please explain it briefly how we pray ‎in journeys do we only pray half farz in journey only. I will ‎wait for your reply. .. More

  • Continual neglect of a confirmed Sunnah Date: 25-2-2004

    Is continuing to neglect a confirmed Sunnah is sin? .. More