351 fatwas

  • Righteous Deeds Date: 20-8-2001

    Who are those meant by the verse: “... those who believed (A'manoo) and did righteous deeds (Wa Amelo as-Saleehat) will prosper...” what kind of righteous deeds does the verse refer to? And what did they believe in? .. More

  • Seven earths and seven heavens Date: 23-4-2001

    Please give me the details of seven earths and seven heavens in the light of Qur'an, Hadith and science... More

  • God is best among creators Date: 6-2-2001

    God is best among creators as written in Qur'an ayah 23: 14; so beside Allah is there any other god?.. More

  • Meaning of blind [Quran 20:120-126] Date: 24-4-2000

    What is the meaning of blind in Surah Ta Ha verses 120-126 (20:120-126) where Allah is asked "why I am blind now, while I was not blind before (in life)?" Is he really blind? .. More

  • Meaning of Qur'an 56: 60-62 Date: 25-1-2000

    I was reading Surah Waqia (56:60-62), reminding mankind of their early creation. What does Qur'an mean by "early creation"? Does it mean reincarnation of human beings? Please explain... More

  • Prophet Nuh and the flood story Date: 6-9-1999

    Is it possible that The prophet Nuh took all kinds of animals in his vessel? I think that the flood was only in a certain region of the earth and not covering all our planet. I believe that Nuh took only specific species of the region where he lived. Please answer my question. wa alaykum Assalam.. More