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  • What to say when slaughtering the ‘Aqeeqah Date: 24-8-2010

    I wanna know the prayer(dua)for aqiqa.Can I do by myself or I have 2 ask someone else. .. More

  • Slaughtering two sheep for the 'Aqeeqah of a baby girl Date: 15-4-2010

    can we also slaughter two sheep for girl or it is compelsory to slaughter only one for aqeeqah.. More

  • Trimming the hair of the newborn instead of shaving it Date: 4-10-2009

    regarding the aqiqah, specifically the shaving of the newborns hair, is it permissible to simply buzz the hair rather than shave it all off completely?.. More

  • Slaughtering a cow for `Aqeeqah of two boys Date: 8-1-2009

    Assalamu Alaikum, I am from Sri Lanka, I have Two boys (twins) recently born. they are now 5 months old. is it acceptable in islamic shareea to sacrifice one cow for aqeeqa for them. If I sacrifice for them goats I have to sacrifice 4 goats, goats are expensive in Sri Lanka. That is why I want to know verywell one cow is acceptable or not. Jazakallahu.. More

  • Performing 'Aqeeqah by a person other than the newborn's guardian Date: 23-12-2008

    As salaam alaykum. Dear Brother my qusetion is about aqiqa, Allah blessed me with a baby boy on 03rd of Oct 2008, I was planning to do his aqiqah after few months, but his grandparents (wife's parents)want to do it now only, I left my job 2 months back, so I have joined another company, I am financially not very strong right now. Is it okay if his grandparent.. More

  • Burying the bone remaining from Aqeeqah Date: 29-11-2007

    Assalam wa rahmatulla wa barkatahu, My question is about Akika for a newly born boy or a girl. 1st, for boy is it necessary to sacrifice male goat or we can go with female goat also, for girl what is necessary and how many it must be for each. 2nd, I am been told the bone of the sacrificed animal must be burried under the sand is it right. 3rd which.. More

  • Giving in charity silver equal to the weight of the newborn baby’s hair Date: 10-4-2007

    Assalamualikum, My sister in law has a 3 year old baby girl. Her aqeeqa has not yet been done. But now her in-laws (husband's parents) are planning for Aqeeqa on their younger son's marriage. Ideally, it would have been done on 7th day of her birth. Her head was shaved few days after her bith. And those hairs are still with them. Now they want to do.. More

  • Performing Aqeeqah on the stillborn child Date: 18-3-2007

    assalamoalaikum my brother died after birth,may be 30 yrs i know that when the soul is in,we have to make aqeeqa for the child and give name to what my parents have to do,they have to make aqqeqa now or not necessary,because we are unaware of that before. thanks.. More

  • Kinds and age of animals slaughtered in Aqeeqah Date: 2-8-2006

    Are there any rulings regarding the animals sacrificed for aqeeqa ceremony? Do the goats or sheep have to be below one year of age (heard from someone). Please let me know what the rulings are regarding the choice of animals for aqeeqa. I know that it is recommended 2 for a boy and 1 for a girl. Please let me know if the age or type of animals matter... More

  • Eating from Aqeeqah's meat Date: 9-5-2006

    after aqeeqah is done can we keep some amount of meat with us... More

  • Shaving the newborn's hair if his Aqeeqah is to be delayed Date: 16-11-2005

    I understand that the newborn baby's hair should be shaved 0n the 7th day of his birth. But what if I would like to do his Aqeeqah later when I go to my native place on vacation. Do I have to shave the head of my son again on that same day i.e. Aqeeqah. Or shaving head one's is enough after birth. .. More

  • Slaughtering the Aqeeqa in a different country is lawful Date: 3-10-2005

    I had a little boy yesterday and was wondering if I could make the Aqeeqah (sacrifice) in my original country instead of the birthplace of my son. I have sent money to my family to slaughter two goats... More

  • Offering Aqeeqah in another country where there is a time difference Date: 3-10-2005

    Is it permissible to arrange for Aqeeqah in any other country other than where the baby is born? I am asking this as we are in Canada and were thinking of offering Aqeeqah in India. There is a time difference of 12.5 hours. So if Aqeeqah has to be performed then can it be performed on the same day as 7-days after birth of the child? For example,.. More

  • Details of the naming ceremony Date: 2-8-2005

    I need more explanation about naming ceremony in Islamic way and a gathering of women after a naming ceremony took place. Did Islam allowed it? If yes how do we put it into a practice and if not how can someone avoid it? .. More

  • Aqeeqah and its observance Date: 28-4-2005

    I read Fataawa on your site about 'Aqeeqah' as I understand; I should be done on 7th day. My question is: If one misses doing the Aqeeqah on seventh day, when can he do it later on (my friend told me that it can then be done on 14th, 21st, as so on days). Will the reward from Allaah differ if the Aqeeqah is done after the 7th day? Further,.. More