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  • Her husband contacts his ex-wife to enquire about his child from her Date: 23-10-2011

    Asc, My question is can my husband call his ex wife to know how his son is doing? I have ask this question here already but I also asked three other websites and the scholars, Imams have responded my question telling me that, He can only talk to his ex wife is the child has an emergency. I mean only if she calls him and tells him that there is something.. More

  • Child support and visitation rights of ex-wife Date: 20-9-2011

    Asalamu Aleikum Ok, question is the following my husband recently divorced his first wive and he was paying child support for his two kids, but then he took one of his kids to the doctor and they told him that his son did not have insurance, so he said that he lived with us and they stoped the child support for one of the kids, so his ex wive told.. More

  • Her husband is rude to her children from a previous marriage Date: 13-6-2011

    I recently (year and a half now) got married to a reverted Muslim of many years, I too am a reverted Muslim. We both are a little older then most newly we'd couples and have ex-spouses. He has 3 older sons and 3 or 4 step children from a previous marriage, I have 2 children from a previous marriage (ages 10 and 8) My children's father is Not Muslim.. More

  • Wants to bridge the gap between his children and his step-son Date: 22-4-2011

    Assalamu Alaykum, Please can you guide me. I have searched your website as best as I could, but could not find what I was looking for. I have a step-son aged 7 and a biological son that is almost 2, and another baby on the way all from the same mother. My step-son aged 7 does not see his father, does not receive any maintenance from him, has no contact.. More

  • He is worried about his wife's son from a previous marriage Date: 13-6-2010

    Assalamalaykum, My wife is having a son from previous marriage. I work in saudi arabia and i have three children, my wife visit me and go after every six months now she stayed one year and and lefto india as the boy used to stay with her aunt cannot stay as they dont want to keep him. what is my rights for the boy as he is very good and studious he.. More

  • Her husband refuses to let her children from her ex-husband live with them Date: 6-1-2010

    Salaam aleikom wa rahmatullah wa barakato: I need some advice, please. I was divorced from my 1st husbands years ago, I have 2 children from that marriage. I married again 2 years ago. My daughter who is 11 lives with me and my husband, while my son, 14 is currently with my parents(non-Muslims), only temporarily, he is expected to join us in a couple.. More

  • Her husband wants to divorce her because she sent an e-mail to her ex-husband Date: 26-4-2009

    Asalam allaikum wa ramatullah wa barakatuh! I need your advice. I am married. I have two children, but not from my husband, but from my ex-husband. I have many problems with my husband, because the children lives with us, my ex-husband cant take them,. but sometimes he come and take them for a visit. Now I promised once my husband, that I will not.. More

  • Has difficulty raising his stepchildren as Muslims Date: 15-5-2006

    In the Name of Allah Dear Brother I am a Muslim doctor and have been living in the west for the last 12 years. I got married from a British woman who has already a son and a daughter. They are aged 12 & 14 years now. I was then blessed from Allah with 2 boys Omar & Yousef aged 5 & 2 years. My wife has converted to Islam and I have.. More

  • Her ex-husband does not teach or follow Islam with their children Date: 17-4-2006

    l have children and l have been married before. I am a practicing Muslim but my ex-husband doesn't teach or follow Islam with our children, fasting, praying or when celebrations of 'Eed isn't observed and he doesn't provide Halaal meat very often to the children. His way of life is so different Islamicly to mine and my second husbands way. How can I.. More

  • Concerned about his son living with his non-religious ex-wife Date: 3-5-2005

    My son is 15 years old and living in Germany since 1994 with my divorced wife. I cannot get and visit him, he cannot make him live with me according to Islam principles. I know that by heritage he is Muslim. His mother is not a believer in Christian religion. But I am afraid influence may come to him from any side and become Christian. What can.. More

  • Child-sharing on 'Eed days Date: 2-5-2005

    After separation between my ex-husband and me with a child. The husband went to English court to seek contact with his son despite that I have never stopped him from seeing the child through my family. Because he has to travel for two hours and a half from where he lives to my place he requested as well that he would have contact with the child.. More

  • Separating from wife of invalid marriage but concerned about his son Date: 4-4-2005

    Reference to Fatwa: 89467 recently. I now understand that my marriage to a woman who is neither a practicing Christian or Jew is invalid and I have to be separated from her. My only question to you is to kindly tell me about the following: If I leave her I have to leave my son born out of this marriage here in Europe and I am not in a position.. More

  • She wants to know the disposition of her children by her divorced husband Date: 3-3-2005

    I left my country 5 years ago because of divorce. My ex-husband didn't give me a permission to take my son with me. When I left I was pregnant. I gave birth to girl in England where I'm living now. My ex-husband wants to have my daughter to live with him away from me. He doesn't allow me to have any contact with my son. I'm very sad; I don't.. More

  • Father of his wife's child maintains contact with her and causes problems Date: 20-7-2004

    I have a wife who had previous relationships with men before me and they had children and I don't have any. I told her before we got married that this will be a problem for me, but she insisted on marrying me; she even made me promise to marry her. My biggest problem is the father of one child is still keeping in contact with her and this is making.. More

  • Seperating children from their father Date: 23-6-2004

    I am a mother of three and I am divorced from the father of my three children. The reason of our divorce was he made a lot of Kufr blasphemy at Allah and the messengers. He showed much hate towards Islam. He was a Muslim. I feared for the safety of my children's religion if they were to contact their father. My daughter is 18, sons 15, and youngest.. More