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  • Non-Muslims wearing Islamic dress Date: 5-11-2013

    is a non muslim wear a muslim religious dress .. More

  • It is not permissible for a man to wear the clothes that are peculiar to women and vice versa Date: 18-3-2012

    dear sheikh assalaamu alaikum still I m not clear for my question no : 2342618, as per the Fatwa No : 3982, it shows that woman should not wear men's dress except in front of her husband (to beautify herself for her husband) but what about the man ? as per his wife's request, can he wear his wife's inner/outer wear in front of his wife to make her happy.(no.. More

  • Simplicity in dress is part of faith Date: 24-8-2011

    salam aleikum sheikh.. i have one question for u insha allah.. me and my husband are living in non muslim country..i have good hijab and good islamic clthing and now insha allah i have wanted for long time to start to wear niqab..but my husband he does not wear sunnah clothes and he does not have barb and everytime he goes out he want to look nice.. More

  • Men's imitation of women is evil Date: 18-5-2011

    I was at a party where a man appeared wearing women's clothes and makeup, i.e. he looked exactly like a woman, and he behaved improperly on stage. Is it permissible for me to stay while watching such a man imitating women? .. More

  • The military uniform at the time of the Companions Date: 18-2-2011

    Assalam aliakum wa rehmatuallahi wa barakatahu Since the best of Muslims were the Companions of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), I was curious to know what Hazrat Khalid bin Alwalid (RA) wear when he went into battle(s). Today, Muslim General’s attires are very similar to that of the non-Muslims. Even ceremonies held are a clear imitation of the.. More

  • Wearing crocodile skin shoes and clothing Date: 2-1-2011

    Is it permissible to wear alligator and crocidile shoes and clothing?.. More

  • Wearing Nike shoes Date: 18-1-2010

    Assalaamualaykum, Someone gave me a 'Nike' shoe. Can I wear it. 'Nike' brand is always under controversies. Once I saw a picture in a paper showing the arabic word 'ALLAAH' written on the shoes's sole. But this shoe which is with me does not have any such markings... More

  • A Muslim wearing black clothes below waist Date: 27-12-2009

    should we (Muslims) wear Black Clothes below Waist. .. More

  • A Muslim is not obliged to wear a particular dress Date: 31-10-2007

    Salam, my friends in the mosque are somewhat strict in Islam, especially when it comes to sunnah they advice me to wear Qamis or Juba everytime even if it is not in the mosque, but now Im living in Zamboanga city, Philippines, were in this city most people are westernize and if I wear those things people will start looking at me like Im a celebrity,.. More

  • Wearing dresses which have writings on them Date: 2-10-2007

    Al-sallamu Al-laikoum , i want ask that a muslim can were the dress that has writings on it.. More

  • The wisdoms behind prohibiting silk for men Date: 13-6-2007

    Assalaam Aleikum. Why is wearing silk clothes permitted for women and forbidden for men? Thank you... More

  • Wearing clothes on which the word 'Islam' or 'Muslim' is written Date: 12-6-2006

    Assalamu Alaikum, I was looking at the fatwa website and the scholar there denounced somebody selling t-shirts with 'Allah' written on it. But if you have the word 'Muslim' or 'Islam' in English on a T-Shirt, do you know if it is permissible to wear that? The scholar on talked about putting the shirts in dirty laundry and using.. More

  • Has hat imprinted with the Shahada Date: 5-12-2004

    I have a winter hat that says in Arabic that there is no God but Allaah and Muhammad, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, is His Messenger, someone told me that it was not permissible to wear, is there any proof that it is or is not ok to wear it? I do not enter into any dirty place with it and I do not wear it without making Wudu, what would be the.. More

  • Wearing Muslim clothing in Western countries Date: 1-9-2004

    Do you get more reward if you wear Muslim Sunnah clothing that is Saudi style Jubbah in Western countries where non-Muslims keep on looking at you because you have Muslim clothing?.. More

  • Concerned about the Awrah Date: 17-8-2004

    To all my fellow Muslim. I've a question here. Why do Muslims now are not concerned about their Awrah especially among sisters?.. More