41 fatwas

  • Questioning whether the holy books have been changed Date: 20-4-2005

    Is the Holly Book is changed? Do we have any proof in Qur'an about this changing? If it changed why? We all knew it was from God so could be changed by human? .. More

  • The names and number of holy Books mentioned in Qur'an Date: 22-7-2004

    I would like to know the names and number of holy Books mentioned in Qur'an. Thank you... More

  • Has the Qur'an been changed over time? Date: 25-5-2004

    Has the Qur'an been written many times in ways different from what we see today? Are the letters present in it the same as the original?.. More

  • Rejecting some Qur'an Date: 26-4-2004

    One of the Arkaan of faith is to believe in the revelation of the revealed books which includes the Qur’an. If one rejects a Surah, a verse, an Ayah or a letter from the Qur’an then one falls into disbelief. Can you please give me references from the Qur’an and the Hadith to support this claim? .. More

  • Qur'an is Word of Allah Date: 27-3-2004

    Is it permissible to say that ‘the Qur'an said’?.. More

  • Qur'an not the word of Jinn Date: 17-9-2003

    I have doubts about Islam can you prove to me that the Qur'an is not the word of the Jinn?.. More

  • Qur'an is Word of Allah Date: 22-6-2003

    I have some doubts about the Qur'an. Please give me all the evidences to show that it is the word of Allah... More

  • Inquiring about the First Book of Allah Sent to Humans Date: 21-6-2003

    Which is the first Book Sent by Allah to the people of the earth irrespective of the language whether it is spoken today or not? .. More

  • He read about the so called mistakes in Qur'an Date: 10-6-2003

    How can I convince my friend who left Islam and started to have no faith?! He begged me to help him come back to Islam. The problem started when he has read about the mistakes in Qur'an in some websites. Please, rescue him and give him a word that makes him know that Islam is the right (Deen)... More

  • Believing in Allah and His Prophet but only parts of Qur'an Date: 17-8-2002

    If a person believes in God and that Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) is His Prophet, but this person does not believe that some orders which are written in the Qur'an came from Allah, can he be considered Muslim?.. More

  • Claims of a fake Qur'an Date: 17-8-2002

    In www.geocitiesaboutchristianity they say it is collecting the Qur'an that, differs from the Qur'an we have now. They attached some pictures to identify the differences and I want to answer this fake topic... More