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  • Hypocrisy and pride Date: 6-7-2004

    Can you name all or at least thecommon forms of hypocrisy and pride, and how one might go about eradicating them from oneself? Also if someone wears a Qamiis to Islamic school ten wears English other times is that a form of hypocrisy?.. More

  • Status of hypocrites Date: 12-5-2004

    Are the hypocrites considered Kuffar? .. More

  • Don't say to a Muslim: "You are hypocrite" Date: 4-10-2003

    Can we say that a Muslim who does not pray al-Fajr is hypocrite?.. More

  • The double-faced person Date: 2-6-2003

    What has the Fatwa center to say about a man (double-faced) who has two faces and behaves with the others people naturally?.. More

  • A Believer Who Fears Yielding To Temptation Date: 12-8-2002

    An Individual may have correct faith, offer Salah 5 times everyday, sometimes missing Fajr and inwardly or outwardly is not against any Laws of Allah's religion. This individual (slave) does not have control over his soul when he is alone and gets excited as electronic media provides many things to excite him and he falls into sinful activities (not.. More

  • Acts of hypocrisy Date: 8-5-2002

    What is the ruling of Shari'a regarding a woman who pretends to be a good woman only to benefit from others and she claim that she has done many good acts which she did not do only to gain some benefit from people? There is a Hadith which reads: "What is taken through embarrassment is Haram". .. More

  • Feels like a hypocrite Date: 10-9-2001

    Lately as I have read some Hadith of the Prophet(s) and read who the hypocrite is and his characteristics, I feel as if I posses some of these characteristics. I don't feel the sincerity that I used to feel in my heart just a few years ago. I don't pray all the prayers if I am alone, but if someone is there and tells me to pray I do. I feel that I'm.. More

  • Hadith describing hypocrites Date: 4-11-2000

    What does Hadith say about hypocrites?.. More

  • Meaning of Kaafir and Munaafiq Date: 5-4-2000

    What is the meaning of kaafir and Munaafiq in English? .. More