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  • Blogs about Islam written by lay Muslims Date: 6-4-2015

    Assalamu alaikumMy question is regarding the concern of many Muslims who have blogs online and have taken it upon themselves to answer questions and give Islamic advice to other Muslims without any Islamic knowledge/degree. These questions come in the form of anything from TAWHEED, sharia, sins, issues with deen, tafseer of Quran, explanation of ayats.. More

  • Why Allaah punishes some and gives others respite Date: 6-4-2015

    AsalamualaykumI have a question - When does Allah intervene or cause miracles to happen or accept prayers. The Quran says that if Allah punished the wrong doers on the earth, there would be nothing left on it, but it then says that Allah destroys people and cities, how come Allah performs miracles in some situations and not in others, why does he intervene.. More

  • Debate between Imaams Ahmad and Ash-Shaafi‘i about unbelief and leaving prayer Date: 19-4-2015

    Shaykh, is this story true: ''There is a debate between Imams Shafi’i and Ahmad which Ibn al-Subki documented in Tabaqat al-Shafiyyah al-Kubra 2/61. Imam Ahmad debated Imam Shafi’i on the point of one who abandons the prayer for no reason. The account is as follows: Shafi’i said to Imam Ahmad, “Do you say that he disbelieves?” Imam Ahmad replied,.. More

  • As-Saheehayn confirmed authentic based on Muslims' continuous transmission Date: 24-2-2015

    I have read the response u gave me regarding this question but I am not satisfied!....So I am asking again!...please answer my question with proofs, may Allah reward you! Can you provide me with the references and sources from which it can be said that two sahihain(bukhari & muslim) are authentic i.e.,that the two Imams took utmost care to compile.. More

  • Babies born before six months into pregnancy may survive through medical intervention Date: 12-2-2015

    As-salaamu 3laikum, In one fatwa you mentioned that the minimum period of pregnancy is six months. Here in a magazine about pregnancy they said that some babies have been born at 23 weeks old and survived. Does this mean that they miscalculated the length of the pregnancy when they estimated it in the first place and it was in reality more than 23 weeks,.. More

  • The blame for a sin is not recurring after repenting from it Date: 3-2-2015

    Porn websites are haraam undoubtedly. Now the way they make money is from viewers clicking on the sight and viewing adverts on the sight from people viewing the site. My queston is if a Muslim viewed it for sinful purposes (which is wrong and should stop) they have provided the website with money indirectly. Will this person hold continuous sin forever.. More

  • Rejoicing over Allaah's mercy does not include celebrating Prophet's birth Date: 10-4-2015

    One of my friend quoted the following verse of Quran-Chapter Yunus Verse no. 57 and 58 for Muhammad SAWS as Rehmat (mercy) and thereupon rejoice(celebrate) as an evidence from Quran for celebrating the Birthday of Prophet SAWS. Please clarify as some scholars say Rehmat(mercy) mention in verse refers to Quran/Islam but he says it refers to Prophet Muhammad.. More

  • On Aadam's Garden being in heaven or on earth Date: 20-3-2015

    AslamualakaumWhich Jannah was Adam in. Some people say The real Jannah, but then people say that in there you cant come out or commit sins and shayteen cant go in there. Others say another jannah on Earth. Which one is true, and how do we reply to those accuastions. .. More

  • It is forbidden to wrong anyone – Muslim or non-Muslim Date: 23-1-2015

    Asalamu Alaykum. Is it permissible for a Muslim to ask a non-Muslim to forgive you for wronging the non-Muslim? .. More

  • Allaah punishes only after sending messengers, although people born with Fitrah Date: 17-4-2015

    Aslamualakaum. As im not knowleable and get really easily conffused, i want to ask you this. How to we relate the veres in surah 7 veres 172-173 where Allah says that he created all on fitrah so there will be no excuse on the day of judgement with regard to shirk. And the verese and hadith where Allah says that he will not punish until a messenger is.. More

  • On the lawfulness of judges passing judgments based on personal knowledge Date: 18-4-2015

    Assalaam-alikum, my question is about "Judge as witness in Islam"example; Judge who was seen his own eye attacks and murder, full scenes. if Judge sees all those is he able to fish the case by himself as a witness or testimony? .. More

  • Ownership claims are valid with a witness and an oath or two witnesses Date: 24-3-2015

    Dear sheikh if someone claims an item found with somebody else and brings forward his evidence and proof and the other party denies the claims and he swear an oath on it. In whose favour will the case be decided.since we have witness vs oath at the same time. .. More

  • Non-Muslims not rewarded for the calamities they experience in the world Date: 12-1-2015

    i have a question concerning calamities The prophet saws have told in a hadtih that calamaties are a test from Allah swt and that is a good thing because our sins get expiated by expering calamities, and when Muslims are experiencing severe calamities they are raised in status and their sins get expiated. The question is when non-muslims are experiencing.. More

  • Receiving cellphone credit by mistake from unidentified source Date: 16-1-2015

    Assalaam u alaikum warehmatullahi wabarakaatuhu.. I have a query ..actually I want to know what should a person do if any unknown person refilled his mobile say by any amount by his mistake in typing the mobile no. What should a person do in that case if the persons identity is not revealed? .. More

  • Sinful Muslim has right to funeral prayer; non-Muslims should not attend Date: 10-4-2015

    A muslim women marries non muslim man and on the death of that women , Question: 1) can imaam prays the funeral namaaz of that lady?2) can hindu relatives and her hindu husband can involve in janaza namaaz? .. More