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  • Being Islamic/being Muslim Date: 1-7-2003

    I would like to know what is difference between being Islamic and being Muslim? Some people say some people are Islamic but not Muslim and some are Muslim but not Islamic... More

  • Husband troubled by wife's adoption on their marriage Date: 1-7-2003

    My wife was adopted by her present parents when she was young. She came to know her real parents and also their relation ship when she was in tenth standard. Now she is married to me. Her present adopted parents changed her father's name and put the name of the father who has adopted her, and even my Nikah was under the same name of the person who.. More

  • Husband in US took a second wife Date: 1-7-2003

    My husband marrying a second wife in the United States. Even though we had no social problems or any other problems, my husband married, without informing me or her family, another Muslim woman in only an Islamic marriage (not a civil or a court one) in a Mosque. As you know it is illegal in the United States to get married to a second person. And.. More

  • Doctor performs female sterilization Date: 30-6-2003

    I am a doctor in a western country. Part of my job is to do female sterilization for their patients. What is the Islamic opinion on this?.. More

  • She works to support her aged father; but in-laws disapprove Date: 30-6-2003

    I need your advice on the following matter. I got married 3 months ago. I use to work in an office from last 7 years. The main purpose of working in an office is to support my father. We are 2 sister one is married with 3 kids and living in UK. And my mother dead since 1988. So before marriage me and my father were living together. And after marriage.. More

  • The Friday Ghusl Date: 30-6-2003

    Should the Friday (Ghusl) it should be on Fajr prayer or on Zuhr prayer?.. More

  • Touched husband accidentally without sexual desire Date: 30-6-2003

    If I touched my husband accidentally and without sex desire, will my Wudu be valid or invalid?.. More

  • Muslims living by ethnic groupings; exclusively Date: 30-6-2003

    Is it possible for Muslims to group according to their ethnic group and serve Islam and Muslims? What is the limit of the rights ethnicity? If one ethnic group is the majority and Muslim, but is cannot given the right status in the country and is oppressed by the minority, under these condition is it forbidden if they organize according to their ethnic.. More

  • Surah that mentions backbiting Date: 29-6-2003

    Please inform me of the name of the Surah (s) that talks about backbiting... More

  • The date of Judgment Day Date: 25-6-2003

    We heard from some of Muslim scholars saying that the big day (Qiyamat) will occur on the Friday and that will be the 10th of Muharram. Is there any information in this regard in Qur'an and Hadith?.. More

  • Explanation of Hadith about questions regarding the future Date: 25-6-2003

    Please explain the following Hadith: (1) Ibn Umar (Radiya Allahu Anhu) said, "Do not ask about what has not yet occurred. I heard Umar (Radiya Allahu Anhu) cursing the person who asks about things that have not happened". (2) Umar (Radiya Allahu Anhu) said, "It is restrained for you to ask about what has not happened. Indeed there is enough occupation.. More

  • A group regularly fasts on Monday and have Iftar in the Masjid Date: 25-6-2003

    It has become a tradition for a few of us brothers and sisters to fast on Mondays and come to the Masjid with our food and break our fast together in the Masjid. This reminds us of Ramadan and makes us very happy to encourage other Muslims to fast and join us for Iftar. The other day a Muslim brother told me that what we were doing is not acceptable.. More

  • How a woman may become forbidden to her husband Date: 25-6-2003

    I want to know if a woman can become forbidden to her husband. For example, if someone says he divorces his wife forever at once... More

  • Didn't get a husband after praying to Allah for 5 years Date: 25-6-2003

    I want to get married and pray 5 years for Allah to give me a good husband, but I didn't get one yet. I think that I am not good enough or something's wrong about me so I am not getting what I want now. I gave up to even asking Allah to give me a husband because if I see my past is so bad then I tell myself I don't deserve good. Am I right to think.. More

  • Husband doesn't pray and manages hotel that sells alcohol Date: 25-6-2003

    I live with my husband in New York. He works in a restaurant, whereas you know in America restaurants serve liquors. He is the manager of this restaurant. He is a perfect husband, very responsible, thoughtful of me and the need of his home, but his problem is that his does not care about his religion. He does not pray, give Zakah; the only thing.. More