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  • Female student befriending a male schoolmate Date: 21-6-2003

    I am a Muslim girl, and I was just wondering if it is alright to have a guy as a friend. I have no emotions toward him whatsoever, and I help him in school. Again we are friends only inside school, like schoolmates. I always tell him about Islam and rules and he is really interested. He is not a bad guy at all, does not drink, does not eat pork and.. More

  • Saying one is a Christian to get financial help Date: 21-6-2003

    I am student in Germany and I have a question. I have asked a committee in Berlin to help me, but this group only helps Christian students. They sent me a paper and I have to complete this paper and I have to stake my religion. Can I write that I am Christian to get their help? I need money... More

  • The duty of Muslims at this critical time Date: 21-6-2003

    This is the 21st century and all the signs before Judgement Day have appeared but it is very sad to say that the Muslims are still in the darkness and they are asleep. Tell me what should the few perfect Muslims do now a days?.. More

  • Forgot Isha until Fajr Date: 18-6-2003

    A Muslim brother forgot somehow to remember to pray Isha until he was going to Fajr prayer at the Masjid. What should he do to make up for Isha and Witr that he forgot?.. More

  • Having two wives is a problem Date: 18-6-2003

    I am pleased you replied so fast. And yes, I need some advice. Let me tell you directly what is my problem. Originally I am from Europe, with no religion. After that I moved to U.A.E. become a Muslim and married an Egyptian man. One difficulty is, he is already married (I knew that before) for 18 years and he married me 6 months ago. Now we are awaiting.. More

  • Opinion of the first wife when husband takes more wives Date: 18-6-2003

    Insha Allah this question reaches you in the best of health, Imaan, and Taqwa. I am in High School and am doing a "Women in Islam" presentation for my class. In my presentation I am talking about the most sensitive topics about women in Islam because I want them to know about it now so in the future when someone mentions it to them they will be able.. More

  • Traveling without a Mahram in a group Date: 18-6-2003

    Is it allowed for a convert to travel without a Mahram but accompanied by a group of Muslims (female and male) who will deal with it?.. More

  • Removing hair from her body when in menses Date: 17-6-2003

    Is a Muslim lady allowed to remove any hair from her body while she is menstruating?.. More

  • Anal sex with wife; thinks he's divorced Date: 17-6-2003

    I have anal sex with my wife, but I do not ejaculate. Now she is not my wife and I must marry her again. I know I did a bad thing but it just happened. What do I do now?.. More

  • Traveling to China due to SARS Date: 16-6-2003

    Can I travel to China? What is the view of our religion in this case, with the new disease SARS which appeared in China. I have an office in Shanghai, China and all my business is based on exporting goods from China to some other countries. Since the beginning of this year due to SARS I didn't work at all. In Shanghai, there has been no cases of SARS... More

  • To abort or not Date: 16-6-2003

    I have a very sensitive query on behalf of a very dear friend who is currently in a dire dilemma and is frantic with worry over the situation, and I am extremely concerned for not only her well being but her mental state, with due regard to her previous experience. This sister is married with 6 children Masha-Allah, but during her last pregnancy just.. More

  • Can't control himself during wife's menses Date: 14-6-2003

    I don't know what to do. I am married and my wife has her period every month. I can't have a sex with her, and I can't control myself. What should I do?.. More

  • Shopping before birth of child and religious activities after Date: 14-6-2003

    I am giving birth at end of July and some people says that it is Sunnah to buy things for the baby after the birth. Is it true? Please explain in detail. In Canada we need to buy car seat in advance. What should we do in this case? After the child birth, am I allowed to recite Qur'an and do Tasbeeh (Zikr) morning and evening without touching Qur'an.. More

  • Staying with divorced wife for 90 days Date: 10-6-2003

    My son is divorcing his wife. Does he have to stay with her in the same house during the period of the 3 months after the divorce or can he move out while she stays till the end of the period?.. More

  • Location of Allah Date: 10-6-2003

    This is an urgent matter as it is dividing our small mosque community. One brother insists that he will not pray behind our elder brother because the elder brother believes Allah is present everywhere while the younger brother insists that we must all believe that Allah (SWT) is only above His "Arsh". My own reading of the Qur'an is that Allah (SWT).. More