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  • What can be done about Freemasons Date: 9-6-2003

    What can we do about freemasons who want to control the world? Freemasons want to destroy Islam... More

  • Marriage through the Internet Date: 9-6-2003

    Whats your opinion of a married Muslim man who decides to take a second wife whom he met through Internet and she is agreed to accept Islam and live with him without causing any harm to his first wife?.. More

  • Lived on food not Halal when he first went to Australia Date: 9-6-2003

    I live in Australia. When I came here first, I had difficult finding Halal food. I had to live on food that was not Halal but the only thing I had was chicken. Was the chicken or food that I had that time, Haram or Makhrouh? Al-hamdu Lillah, now that I have access to Halal foods; I have started living on them. But please do answer my question... More

  • Distinguishing between discharge and orgasm Date: 8-6-2003

    My husband is very loving nature during whole day, when he touches me I suddenly feel conscious than I have white discharge too. How can I differentiate this discharge is of consciousness or from an orgasm. Do I have to take a bath, if the Wudu is null?.. More

  • Wife sitting in place used for prayer while in menses Date: 8-6-2003

    I have a place in my room which I use for Nawafil prayers. My wife also use to pray at this place. If she is in menses can she sit at this place?.. More

  • Lot and fate Date: 4-6-2003

    What is the difference between Qismat (lot) and Taqdeer (fate)?.. More

  • Nationalism in Islam Date: 2-6-2003

    Is nationalism a call of Jaahiliyaah and is Haram in Islam? Answer in the light of Qur'an and Sunnah... More

  • Her brother wants loan for questionable enterprise Date: 1-6-2003

    I live in the West, and recently my brother back home asked me to lend him some money. My mother at first told me that he wanted to enter as a partner in a cafe (Maqha). I pointed out that is something Haram. But she said (no) it is not going to be of that 'bad' type of cafe. I asked 2 of my sisters and they all swore to me that it is going to be a.. More

  • Being kissed by his wife's mother Date: 31-5-2003

    I'm married and my wife's mom always kisses me. Is there any problem for that kiss? I need the answer according to Islam. .. More

  • Unmarriageable women in Islam Date: 21-5-2003

    Which women are forbidden for marriage in the light of Qur'an and Hadith? Do the forbidden women need to be blood-relatives?.. More

  • Questionable partnership agreement Date: 21-5-2003

    There are two business partners who put money into their business equally. Their names are $Samir$$ and $Ahmad$$. $Samir$$ says to $Ahmad$$ that he gets his goods (say, a batch of copper) from abroad at the price of 60 dollars per batch and $Ahmad$$ agrees with this. In reality, $Samir$$ gets this one batch for 40 dollars and sells it to his customer.. More

  • Wearing Hijab whether she believes in it or not Date: 18-5-2003

    Can a person wear a Hijab when she doesn't believe in it? (as in: forced by her parents) And does she receive reward?.. More

  • Saying "Subhanallah" during storm Date: 18-5-2003

    What is the ruling on saying Subhanallah when thundering or lightning?.. More

  • Which scholars to consult to resolve issues Date: 14-5-2003

    Some people when they face a problem related to knowledge of the Islam they contact to the Islamic scholars in the Muslim world, but we live in another place like North America so the situation here is totally different from the Muslim world. So when we need to resolve some issue related about training in the place we live, shall we contact our scholars.. More

  • Dancing to songs that contain the Prophet's name, etc. Date: 14-5-2003

    Is it permissible dance to songs that contain the Prophet's (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) name and other things like: "Salla Allah A'ala $Muhammad$$. Salla Allah Alaihi Wa Sallam". Songs also that includes the Names of Allah?.. More