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  • Eye cosmetics in the work place Date: 8-1-2002

    I have question about cosmetic materials use for eyes in the workplace... More

  • Entering the Friday prayer after it began Date: 1-1-2002

    If I entered the prayers on Friday and the Imam had already started the prayer. Do I pray two Rak'ah or do I have to pray four Rak'ah?.. More

  • Fiqh references Date: 23-1-2002

    1. Please provide me with 10 references of Fiqh, 5 modern and 5 classical.2. Please name two major Assemblies of Fiqh dealing with contemporary issues in Fiqh... More

  • Terminating pregnancy Date: 5-9-2001

    My friend's wife is pregnant 4 weeks. She gave birth to her last baby 6 months ago. Her last pregnancy was quite traumatic and painful and she is very uneasy about going through with this one. In this situation, is it permissible to terminate the pregnancy by means of the 'morning after pill' or any other means? If it is not permissible, can you please.. More

  • Observing the death of mother each year with Qur'an reading and food Date: 4-7-2001

    My neighbour's mother died on the 15th of Shawwal. Every year, on the 15th of Shawwal, she gathers family and friends who come and read Qur'an for the dead. After that a lot of food is served. What is the ruling on this? Is it Haram to do this? If it is, then is it OK to eat the food that is made for this occasion? She is my neighbour some of the food.. More

  • Praying in bathroom Date: 1-7-2001

    Is allowed to pray in a bathroom if I want to pray in secret? Is the same bathroom and toilet?.. More

  • Buying on installments Date: 28-6-2001

    I want to buy something for my children (bedroom). It's price = x if I buy it completely, and it's price = x + 5% of (x/2) if I take it now and pay it off into monthly payments. Is this "RIBA"? Please, your answer is very important for me... More

  • Taking others as helper or protector other than Allah Date: 18-5-2001

    What is the concern about Muslims calling others (e.g.: Anbiya and Auliya) other than Allah for certain things?.. More

  • Difficulty finding correct Islamic group Date: 28-3-2001

    Nowadays there are many groups in Islam led by Ulama (scholars). Some of these groups hold conflicting opinions although they cite Qur'an and Hadith for their views. They even accuse each other of being astray. How can we know which of these groups are correct?.. More

  • Praying behind Imam of doubtful Aqeedah Date: 1-3-2001

    The Jamaat Tableegh is very active at the mosque near my house in Bombay. However, their book, fazail-e-amal, contains several stories of saints and sufi's claiming that they are able to see Allah, that the Prophet (saw) comes to them in their dreams and feeds them when they are hungry or thirsty or that his (saw) hand emerges from his grave in Madina.. More

  • Purification after contact with dogs Date: 26-2-2001

    My question is regarding tahara after contact with dogs. I have 2 dogs to protect my business. One is young and still requires training. During training I come into frequent contact with the dog.1. I understand that if contact is made with its saliva I must wash 7 times. Is sand acceptable?2. If contact is made with the dog when its fur is wet or my.. More

  • Processing foods to remove impurity Date: 3-2-2001

    Does vinegar or salt used in processing forbidden items such as pork or wine change their impurity so that they are acceptable? Is processed cheese from unslaughtered animals legal?.. More

  • Uncovering before Christian woman Date: 1-1-2001

    Is it possible for a Muslim woman to take of her scarf (Hijab) in front of Christian women?.. More

  • Covering for Muslim women Date: 1-1-2001

    What is the reason Muslim ladies need to cover the body and hair?.. More

  • Working in Internet cafe Date: 1-1-2001

    I'm working in a cyber cafe, I didn't do wrong things, but whoever comes goes to wrong sites: We used to sell CDs of kinds like films, songs, software etc. My boss is just Muslim he do wrong things or may be shrik. I have to work there or quit or wait for another job?.. More